Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thanks, Annette!

Last week, in the midst of the circus and sorrow which is delivering or sending children back to college, this ray of sunshine arrived in our midst:

Thank you, Annette, for sending these CDs to me. Ryan is jealous that Mark will get to use the Child's History of the World CD, and they are eagerly anticipating using the Ancient Greece CD together. Shockingly, no one seems excited about grammar. What's up with that?

Again, thanks, Annette. I ordered my Calvert boxes on Friday; school starts in about 2 weeks.


Paula said...

Oh wow, those look great. I like the grammar one! Actually, I like all three. I've heard such good things about The Child's History of the World; I'm tempted to get it for all the kids to read. And Ancient Greece? That sounds wonderful on many levels. How kind of Annette to send them to you! Let the school fun begin!

Annette said...

You're welcome, Marjie. It was nice to clean out the bookcase and pass them along to someone who will use them. Funny about the Grammar one gets excited about it!
Hi Paula! We both liked the CHOTW CD. It has a cute "granpa" sitting by the fire telling stories to you.
DS starts virtual classes a week from more sleeping in!
Margie, hope your tooth gets better soon!