Friday, August 8, 2008

Eggs and FB Toast

Around 2 this afternoon, I decided I wanted breakfast. I hadn't needed it earlier, and I don't usually eat before noon anyway, so it was time for some eggs and "fat broad toast" with my dearly beloved.

Background: A few years back, my mother in law decided that I needed a George Foreman grill. It would help the kids make snacks, and it would make delicious sandwiches, and she cooks her meat on hers, so she was sure I'd love it. She probably never got the memo that said I don't like grill marks, but it has been a great item from the kids' viewpoint. Anyway, a while back, I started grilling homemade bread on it
as toast for my husband with his breakfast, and he dubbed it "fat broad toast". Suffice it to say, he'll wolf the stuff when I put it in front of him. So, this is my husband's breakfast today; I couldn't chew the toast *sob*, so I just had 3 eggs with mandarin oranges. I'll bet you didn't know you can eat canned mandarin oranges without chewing - I did! Hooray! Last night I was able to eat watermelon after my soup, and WOW! Was that fruit sugar great! I felt like dancing and singing, except that I can't carry a tune in a bucket, and I'd win "So You Think You CAN'T Dance!" because I KNOW I can't!

It's cold here today - high of 61 - so steak tonight; I'll be eating some sort of beef soup. Updates at a later time.


Paula said...

Oh Marjie, I feel so bad for you. I hope that when you get some relief when the temp. crown is put on. Tooth woes are no fun at all.

Your hubby eats lumberjack sized breakfasts! I love the look of the yolks on those eggs, and which of your loaves of bread made the grade for toast? I don't have a Geo. Foreman grill, but have heard nothing but good things about them.

Although I wish you didn't have any dental woes, I'm lovin' your soup posts. Looking forward to what you put together next. How unfair, though, to make steak but not be able to eat it! What are you eating besides your delicious soup? Do you like mashed potatoes? Maybe that would provide some comfort. How about pancakes ... that might be too chewy though.

Hope you feel better, and enjoy your soup.

Claire S. said...

Your soups look great Marjie, I hope your tooth is fixed soon. BTW - your package went in today's mail...hopefully it won't take too long to get to you.

Violin Mom said...

High of 61 in August? I can take that kind of global warming any time. In fact, that cold front is making its way all the way down to central FL this weekend, although all it will do is dry us out some. It isn't expected to cool us off or anything. Oh well, we take what we can get this time of year. A cold front in August is virtually unheard of, you know. Hang in there a couple of days. I can well imagine what you are going through being unable to chew!

Violin Mom