Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Egg Bread

Another night, another boring meal, according to the boys: roast turkey breast, tri colored rotini in carbonara sauce, and oranges. Oh, yes, and egg bread. They'd probably think happy meals were the greatest thing since tea and toast; I guess they're spoiled!

Anyway, this was another bread I mixed in the bread maker and formed into loaves. It was rather rich, because of the eggs, and had a nice yellow tint to it; made great toast
this morning, too!


1 cup warm water
6 tsp yeast*
4 cups flour
2 eggs
1tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt
2 tbsp vegetable oil

Pour into breadmaker in this order, and let it do its thing, or take it out and form into loaves. If mixing by hand, let the yeast soften in the water, then stir in the dry ingredients, adding the egg and oil when it gets really stiff. Or, in the kitchenaid, just put the whole mess in the bowl, turn it on to speed 2, and let it go for 10 minutes. If mixing by hand, knead for ab
out 10 minutes on a floured counter, let it rise for 10 minutes, and then put it into two loaf pans. Let the loaves rise for 20 to 30 minutes, until doubled in size, then bake at 375 for 23 to 25 minutes. *If you're not time-crunched, you can use only 3 tsp of yeast, and allow double for the rise times. The baking time is still the same.
And I've noticed something: doesn't all bread made in loaf pans pretty much look alike? Sheesh. Maybe I should just recycle my photos. Or not.


Pam said...

Yummy. There is NOTHING better than homemade bread with butter. I bet this bread would be great for french toast too.

The Blonde Duck said...

Those boys don't know what they've got! I would kill for a meal like that!

Kevin said...

That meal does not sound boring and an egg bread sounds interesting.

Prudy said...

I love that you make your own bread. I'm almost ready to get back to that. The temps are almost getting back to under 100 so count me back in the bread baking club. Your new pattern is pretty-be sure to keep us posted on your sewing, too. I'm working on Halloween costumes right now. I'm finishing up belle and then I'll start on Obi Wan.

preppy little dress said...

looks yummy!