Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thor in the Clubhouse

Last night, a wicked line of thunderstorms rolled through. Booming right over our house, poor Thor was scared out of his wits. Since someone had a chair from the line out of place during dessert, Thor crawled under the breakfast room table. He used to do this as a baby, and the space under the table was dubbed "the clubhouse". (Yes, I admit it, sometimes when my kids are being unpleasant, I threaten to go to the clubhouse myself. Never have, though, because I might get stuck there). So, here's your Thursday morning dose of Thor, looking for protection from noise by his people. I'm looking forward to Gaylen's pictures of her happy hounds!


gaylen said...

I hear ya! There are days when I need to be in the clubhouse - if only there were doors!

Thor looks very calm lying there. g

Paula said...

Poor little fella. He really is a gentle giant. Hope the skies are sunny and calm for him now.