Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Three of my teenagers were in California visiting relatives for the past week; I picked them up from the redeye flight at 10 this morning. While they were exhausted, and miffed that I chose to drive a car that had "weak" air conditioning (how would I know? I last drove this car in April!), they were certainly glad to see the big, comfy Cadillac awaiting their arrival.

On the way back into town, my son commented that the grass everywhere is a great idea - he's a fan. They liked the climate, not so much the lack of vegitation, and weren't fans of the insect infestations in that house. As we drove back into town, our squad car was parked in its customary driveway, with the chief of police sitting in it, reading his newspaper. As one of my daughters said, "That's just where he belongs. In another hour, it'll be time for him to go sit on the front porch of the deli, have lunch for a couple of hours, talk to everyone there, and watch the traffic go by.

Life is good in a tiny town.

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Paula said...

Glad the kids made it home safe and sound! That's a looong flight! Your tiny town sounds wonderful ... I could just picture the chief of police doing his rounds downtown!