Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thor and Gifts

After we finished Calvert 6th grade, I sent our math books to Paula. She hadn't used Calvert math previously, and was contemplating its use for 7th grade for her son. I was happy to have our books take a trip across country - after all, they'll not get such an exciting vacation again - and happy to help a friend make an informed decision. Well, I got the books back today, and she sent them with gifts of chocolate for me and the boys, plus Nutella. This was mentioned by Kevin in a post about crepes a couple of weeks back, and dummy me, I'd never even heard of it. Everyone else was raving about it, and I'm the dope saying, "Is this a commercial product?" Well, when one of my daughters saw the Nutella, she was dancing in glee around the kitchen with it, and Jeffrey scooped up her with the Nutella, and ran through the house, singing, "We stole the candy! We stole the candy!" So, Paula, the boys had their chocolate in a picnic basket with Nutella sandwiches, Cass had a Nutella sandwich, Thor had peanut butter crackers, and you provided great amusement for all. Thanks!

My youngest son has had issues in learning to speak clearly. Brilliant kid, articulate, but less than fully intelligible. So, this summer, I hired a speech therapist to com
e to the house twice a week to retrain Mark. He is making astonishing progress. But the funniest thing of all is that Thor always attends speech class. No, don't get me wrong; Thor is not becoming more articulate. But he always sits or lays between Mark and the teacher in my dining room, presumably protecting his boy. When Mark has to stand at the mirror to watch himself talk, and see how he's forming his words, Thor stands between Mark and the teacher. He is really a funny dog! This was yesterday, when he didn't want to lay down, and Mark was hugging his dog while speaking.
I tried to make a fabulous sounding orange cake last night, but my almost new Kitchenaid stand mixer, which is 3 months out of warranty, developed some serious issues. If Kitchenaid resolves them fairly, I'll let you know. But, if they tell me to suck it up and buy a new mixer, you'll hear about that, also.


Paula said...

Welcome to dogs on Thursday!
I added you to the blog roll.
Your Thor is an amazing dog and what a fun family too!
I enjoyed your blog today.

Pam said...

Thor is so funny! Keep us posted on your mixer.

Paula said...

Hi Marjie! Hey, there's another Paula! I don't know any other Paula's, so it catches my attention when I see my name pop up! (And since I have never met Paula Dean, I don't count her as someone I know.)

Anyway, I'm glad the package arrived safe and sound. Did you get to at least taste the Nutella? I laughed when I read about your kids' reactions! It makes me happy to know the kids enjoyed the goodies. I literally just tried another product called "Dark Chocolate Dreams" that is natural style peanut butter blended with dark chocolate. Yum! Thanks again for loaning the books. You are a good friend.

Mark and Thor look so darling together. How sweet that big doggie is. I'm glad that speech therapy is going very well. Good job, Mark!

Uh oh, no mixer? I swear some mini electronics are equipped with some sort of device that knows when the warranty expires. Hope it gets working again with minimal frustration. And, I want to see the orange cake! (I bet it would taste great with the a swipe of Nutella!)

Violin Mom said...

Too cute about Thor protecting his boy! You've got the best doggy pictures.

I hope Kitchen Aid makes good on that mixer. Tell them you have a blog with a really big audience!

Violin Mom

Cindy said...

An English Mastiff? Our Grover is part English Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound. He's the most gentle (and obstinate) dog I have ever had. And, what a sweet picture of the boy and his dog.