Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Daughter's Birthday!

My third daughter turned 18 yesterday. She is a delightful girl, even if she doesn't appreciate her absolutely perfect, below waist length strawberry blonde hair with the natural wave (grrr. it makes me mad to just think about how much I'd love to have her hair.)Kellie wanted a marble cake, and her older sister laid claim to the decorating rights. Thus, there's a penguin on this cake. Truthfully, I'm not sorry there's someone elso to take on decorating jobs sometimes; I must've made and decorated around 200 birthday cakes by now? My arm is sore just thinking about it. We got everyone to stand still for Dad to take a picture, although Mark is nearly hidden behind one of his sisters; yes, the three oldest sons are missing. And, yes, I'm on 3" heels, so I'm not appearing as short next to Jeffrey as I truly am.Of course, Thor had to get his picture taken with the birthday girl. What fun would a birthday be without a large and friendly dog?Here's Jeff helping Cass with her cake, after he had finished his own. Hey, you don't think he weighs 220-plus from failure to find plenty of food, do you? Jeff started wearing his hair below shoulder length in high school, when he was working for a mason one summer, and he let it grow out to help prevent sunburned neck and ears. The girls admired it when he went back to school, so it's been long ever since. I figure he should enjoy it now, since male pattern baldness is likely to strike him at some point in his life.

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday, although most weren't as good as Kellie's Tuesday. And happy 25th anniversary today to my friend Paula and her husband; she was a beautiful bride!


Paula said...

Hi Marjie, Happy Birthday to your 3rd girl! Year 18 is a special milestone, and what a great year she has ahead of her heading off to college! She's absolutely lovely, as are all your girls just like their mama. You know, when I looked that this photo, my first thought was that you looked even littler than the last photo! Eat some cake, girl! The boys are handsome, too, and BIG! I can see both you and your hubby in each of them. You have an amazing family!

My kids and I so enjoy looking at your family photos. Of course, Tessa zeroed in on Thor; she loves that dog. She told all the campers we were with last weekend all about him. Kudos to the cake decorator! I bet it was gobbled up quickly.

Thank you for the anniversary wishes. Talk about coincidences, my wedding cake was marble (my favorite), and I was just telling my dad that I've not had marble cake since and how much I really would love a slice. Then I log on and see your marble cake!!!

gaylen said...

Happy late Birthday to your girl. It's rather bittersweet as they get older, isn't it? g