Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pulled Pork

A while back, I wrote about "sorta" pulled pork, using the leftovers from a pork roast we'd had a day or 2 earlier. Well, in my comments, Debbie Cook offered me assistance.

A funny side note: Whe we moved into a different school district when I was in 8th grade (it was my 11th school; no, my parents were not military, and had no other similar excuse for moving all the time), there was a girl there named Debbie Cooke who was one of the very few people I ever met who was as pathetic as me at gym class. Hooray! We were friends! On the rare occasions when one of us was made a gym team captain, our first choice was always the other; it was the only time either of us was not chosen dead last. Given that this Debbie Cook was in Florida, where my 8th grade friend had moved ultimately,
and about the same age as me, I thought she might be my friend. But no, she's just another really nice person, and great seamstress to boot.

Anyway, Debbie gave me her recipe for pulled pork. It sounded terrific, despite the fact that I don't have a crock pot. (Whi
ch is for 2 reasons: first, I don't do one pot meals, except stew. Give me segregated food. No gravy either, except for the occasional very tiny amount of a very delicate sauce on the side of my plate for dipping food into. Really. The second reason is that they don't make 4 gallon crock pots, as far as I know. And I use a 16 quart stockpot for stew. And most of it gets eaten the first night, and it's all gone after lunch the next day. Really.) My only variation from Debbie's recipe was that I didn't have molasses, so I skipped it. So, my pulled pork is rather light in color. I served it with my Italian bread, which is an entry for another day. Like she said, there was some left for lunch for a couple of days. Another good, easy weekend meal. Some sewing needs to be done this weekend, and we have a couple of picnics I may not be able to wiggle out of, so tonight was sewing night, not "cook a 4 course meal" night.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!


Debbie Cook said...

I was pretty pathetic in gym class and my family moved around a *LOT* (my dad was not military but Dept of Defense) but I didn't become a "Cook" until I got married.

jill said...

I use a roaster oven in place of a crock pot for large batch cooking. It is also handy for making homemade applesauce in the fall. We are a family of 5, with big appetites so it gets used a lot during the fall and winter. I would not have bought it myself, but my mother gave it to me for Christmas one year. One of the few useful gifts she has ever given me!

Paula said...

I've not made pork in a crock pot, but I'm surely tempted now.

My highschool required that we wear these hideous one piece, gag-awful, red and white striped gym uniforms. They were some kind of poly-knit material, and we had to embroider our names on the front. The entire class looked like we were auditioning for a chain gang or something.