Monday, December 3, 2007

"You Can't Put Gravy on Pie"

Last night, when I served turkey breast with gravy, my husband commented that sometimes I make great sauces for my food. I told him that this happened to be gravy, to which he responded "Gravy, Sauce. Same difference."

So, I said, no, they aren't the same; could anyone tell me what the difference was? The kids thought about it for a bit, then Ryan responded, "You can't put gravy on pie."

Since I don't have pictures of gravy or pie, here are
pictures of the two newest members of the household. This is Rusty:

And this is Cinnamon.

(Paula, these are for your kids.)


Anonymous said...

Aw!!! :oD Cinnamon looks like she's posing.

Marjie said...

Cinnamon's a very funny little guy. He loves to run in circles, and wants to see everything that's going on. Rusty is quieter, but has a sweet tooth. He'll steal all the tomatoes we give them!

Paula said...

I'm posting this again, hope it goes through. My kids were so happy to see these pictures. And our new fact for the day was that guinea pigs eat tomatoes! Love the names, too. Looks like Cinnamon and Rusty are happy in their new digs. My son's has incorporated a guinea pig into his latest action comic story that he's writing ... not that one would associate g.pig's with action comics, but that's part of the disguise ... :-)