Friday, November 30, 2007

Roller Coasters in School

In Calvert School this week, my 6th grader had to design a roller coaster, in order to understand potential and kinetic energy. Well, this is what the little brother got for his birthday: a K'nex roller coaster. This thing is way too cool for words. They had to assemble the thousand-plus pieces, including a chain that pulls the coaster cars to the top for release, powered by a battery operated motor. Naturally, this science lesson transformed into a roller coaster play session, then both boys had to draw roller coasters. It's fun to be able to play in school. (Fortunately, Thor has no interest in playing with this particular toy.)


Paula said...

"Oh, Cooooool!", was the response my son gave to seeing this post. The next comment was that he wished we lived closer so we could visit. We did this lesson the other day, but alas, our's was not 3-D action! My son drew upon his summer roller coaster experience to draw his on poster board. It was still pretty cool. He presented it to the family at dinner time. Tell the boys they did a great job!

Marjie said...

Too bad you can't visit - wouldn't the kids have a blast - including the hairy kid with 4 feet!Was your daughter miffed that she missed a fun lesson? My boys love it when the assignment includes something other than "write"!