Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Cookies

This morning, my girls decided to make Christmas cookies. Basically, this means I'm thrown out of the kitchen, with no estimate of a return time.

So far, they've made chocolate chip, butter crisp, coconut macaroon, peanut butter and sugar cookies.

Normally, their brothers are coordinating attacks from all sides; however, not all of them are awake yet. Those Risk games going on until sunrise will do that to a guy. Dan, however, is up, and evidently warming up for the brother attacks, by shooting
the girls with rubber bands.

They've made a lot of cookies so far, and the sugar cookies aren't even into the oven yet!

Tomorrow they make the gingerbread house and/or train with the little boys. That, too, will be a lot of fun!


Pam said...

Marjie, I love the photos of your daughters baking cookies! Only one of mine is home this year, it seems so empty!

Anonymous said...

I love baking cookies, though I think I'm close to the point of sugar saturation.

Merry Christmas to you guys, Marjie! And have a safe, healthy, happy New Year. <3

Paula said...

These are great shots of your girls! I bet the house smelled great while they were hard at work. Did you son get away with his rubber band ambush or did the girls toss him out? Gotta love your cookie jars, too. The dinosaur one is a riot! Also, the prior post of the boys with the train set was wonderful. What a good looking bunch you all are. Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful Christmas!