Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let It Snow

It started snowing about 4 hours ago. It's very pretty coming down: see for yourself!I wouldn't step outside to take this picture, so, yes, it's lopsided.

School was cancelled for my high school daughter, so, of course, the little boys had to have a snow day too. I believe hot chocolate and board games are the order of the day. Thor is thrilled to have all of his friends home. The snow is supposed to last until about 7 tonight; I hope my daughter doesn't get stranded in Philly after her flight from Denver today.


Paula said...

You get to have a white Christmas!! Mmmm ... hot chocolate sounds so yummy. Hope the kids have lots of fun today. Have them toss around a couple of snowballs for their Pacific Northwest friends! Paula

Anonymous said...

Snow Days rock!