Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Every year since 1980, I've bought myself a dated Christmas ornament. For the last 10 or more years, I've been buying the Wallace Sleigh Bell dated ornaments. They really do ring, and they do a great job of reflecting the lights. So, I was really excited today when the guy in brown slogged to my door through the inch of snow that's been collecting here for the past week. I'm sure that he's relieved that he didn't have to haul in a stack of boxes, as he did Wednesday in the snow.

Note that last weekend, a friend who lives 50 miles north got 5" of snow, and his son 50 miles north of that got a foot of snow, when we got 1/2". Wednesday, an "Alberta Clipper" passed south of us, dropping another inch; my daughter called from West Virginia in a towering fury because it was snowing big-time, and she thought she had gone south for college!

Christmas tree adoption this weekend, and maybe Christmas train setup, too (depending upon how tired the tree hunt makes me). Thor will probably have to go to the tree farm, too, which will make the hunt ever so much more "fun".

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