Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This Made Me Laugh

I avoid the grocery store like the plague. This started as a defense mechanism; with 4 teenaged sons, you've gotta get WAAAYYY more food than the stores generally have without making a federal production of it. Yes, I've tried to get the supermarket to special order me cases of Cheerios, and you'd think I wanted them to fetch the moon. So, I'm the only non-restaurant person I know who knows how many eggs are in a case (15 dozen), how much flour in a case (40 to 100 pounds, depending upon the packaging), etc. With my last order, I asked for 3 small containers of baking powder. Patty called me back, and said they only had large ones; could I use one instead for less than the price of 3 small boxes? Of course, I replied; the cool weather is coming, and I'll be baking even more. So, this is what I got, compared to the normal sized one from the supermarket. It made me giggle. I guess I'm set for Thanksgiving and Christmas baking, no matter how many people show up!

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