Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things I Need To Do Soon

1. Finish wallpapering my family room. I started in the spring, then decided I'd wait until some of the big boys got home to move the bookcases for me. Well, they came, spent the summer, and left, and still I have one wall unfinished. I'm going to do it the weekend before Thanksgiving, when the first son is home (because I have nothing else to do so close to the holiday).

2. Get to Calvert Test 40 by Nov. 2. Yeah, right, pretty ambitious, but doable.

3. Make a dress from this fabric for my birthday (or some time?): No idea for style yet. It's sort of creased or pleated, with a small number of sequins on it. If I don't like it, my second daughter will. She's a sparkly sort of girl.
4. Make a dress for Thanksgiving from this fabric. Maybe a princess seamed dress with a deep, tapered flounce at the bottom?

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