Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Youngest

OK, so my smile is a little goofy, because I was laughing at our dog. Our youngest son's 8th birthday was yesterday, and at one point his brother slapped this goofy, floppy hat on the little guy (it has fabric birthday candles on the top of it; one of his older brothers got it for a sister for her birthday). Then Ryan put a birthday hat on poor Thor, complete with the elastic chin strap, and some ribbons on my head. Of course, big sister took the picture. I just thought the dog in a birthday hat was a hoot. I was pleased that I got a chance to wear my birthday dress, made from the sparkly fabric I took a picture of a couple of weeks ago (hey, it worked - I got the dress made on time). I don't think my second daughter will get this dress. It's comfortable, fancy and washable. How much more can you ask from a dress? Anyway, Happy 8th Birthday, Mark, and Paula, thanks for remembering.

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