Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Miscellania

I think I just made up a word there. Oh well, no matter.

The cold weather finally inspired me to put in the hours of sewing needed to finish the red burnout velvet dressing gown I cut out a few weeks back. I finished it this afternoon, and of course, had to try it on. Naturally, I didn't want to take it off and get dressed again after determining that it's perfect, but that's the way life goes. It also goes without saying that this fabric is washable. I don't have much of anything that goes to the dry cleaners, and certainly not anything which is other than holiday wear.

I also cut out the dress from the eggplant colored fabric. Time will tell if I picked out the right design, but I think it'll work well. That's probably next week's project, if I don't get sucked into something else, like Halloween costumes, or the 6 throw pillows I keep forgetting about to match the drapes I made last year for my front room, or the million other things that go with a big family and big house.

In 6th grade Calvert, the kids are studying the history of sculpture.
Their art projects are based upon this study. The first was a scarab, and this is Ryan's. I promised Paula's twins a picture, and here it is. The ovencraft clay is great stuff, and the Pebeo glaze gives it a nice shine. Of course, both can be baked in the home oven, otherwise it wouldn't work for homeschool projects.

Now, off to create some interesting dinner or other!


Pam said...

Your dress is gorgeous! I have to find some time to sew. It's hard during the school year. I do most of my sewing over the summer, which is why I rarely sew winter things!

Paula said...

Hi Marjie! Wow, you definitely have an extra talent gene. I love the dressing gown, especially the sleeves. They look snug around the cuff and looser up toward the elbow. And the length just makes it look all the more luxurious. Very well done. Oh, and I love your long hair!

Your son's scarab received rounds of "whoa!" and "wow!" at my house. The kids really liked the vibrant colors and the shiny finish. You can see a lot of detail he carved, too. The talent gene lives on!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! You look very regal in that gown.