Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Columbus Day Cake

Yesterday, the little boys did their first Calvert School test for the year; coincidentally, it was also Columbus Day (which begs the question, what happened to Viking Day, celebrating Leif Erikson's discovery of Vinland?). I came up with this cake idea. I used mix for a half sized cake, and baked it in an oval shaped casserole dish with sloped sides. Frosted with mint-chocolate frosting, as described in my Peppermint Patty cake entry, it looks somewhat boat-like. The boys made a paper sail, which their sister labelled, and we put it on a wooden skewer, set upright in the cake. A platter covered in blue tissue paper made a better ocean than the plain platter would have made, and everyone thought they had a pretty festive dessert.


Anonymous said...

Test 20 done already? Good for you guys!

We need an Amerigo Vespucci day too. :oD We could combine all 3 and have quite the party.

Marjie said...

Parties with cake and frosting? You know you can count all my kids in!

I forgot about poor ol' Amerigo. Shame on me, given that our continent is named for him!