Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday's Project

I'm a girly girl. I always wear skirts or dresses, never spend more than one hour out of bed without my hair and makeup done, love high heeled shoes and pretty ballerina flats, and get very strange looks in the winter when I venture out in my full length microsuede cloak with the faux fur lining, of course with the dress and pretty shoes or boots underneath. I also love formal window treatments and furniture. So it's no surprise that I always wanted a regal looking four poster bed with canopy. We didn't have one in our previous 3 houses, for assorted reasons (including a sloped ceiling in one), and couldn't get one here, again, because of a sloped ceiling. So, 17 years after arriving, I decided to make my bedroom regal looking, even if I can't have a real four poster bed. I bought this burgundy bedspread and drapes when we moved in, because I love the color. I bought a window scarf in the same color about 6 or 7 years ago, without any real purpose in mind, and about 10 yards of burgundy sheer fabric about 4 years ago, again, with no purpose in mind. A few months ago, I bought antique brass finished drapery holdback thingys, and a couple of years ago, I had purchased mirrored wall sconces which hold candles, because they were on clearance at 1/4 price, and pretty, then put them in the attic. So, I dreamed up this look:
I did have to put casings in the top of the sheer fabric and hems at the bottom, and stitch in place a small ribbon strip to hold the sheer against the wall where the slope ends, so I guess it's a sewing project, but mostly I used my electric stapler and my husband's cordless driver drill (and you should've heard him howl!). A satisfying Saturday, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I've always believed that the bedroom should be one of the prettiest rooms in the house.