Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Garden Tuesday: This Never Happened

The boys went out to go to the store one night, and promptly came back inside, asking where the inch of new snow had come from.

 It was not forecast.  Weather com said it was partly cloudy outside.  Clearly, we all were hallucinating: who should we believe, those who are paid to know our weather, or own own lying eyes?

It was still there the next morning.

Cursed hallucinations!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Sue said...

I want to be a weatherman. I won't mind being wrong 90% of the time and collecting a paycheck for it.

Yesterday it was 63 here and today it's 36 with sleet. What's going on?

SissySees said...

Stupid weather. We were to have rain by 1pm. Nothing yet, not that I'm really complaining. I just need the snow to hold off until after midnight... or at least after 8pm.

gMarie said...

Never ever believe the weatherman. they don't know what they are doing. I'm with Sue - wrong 90% of the time and still getting paid? You betcha! g

Lapdog Creations said...

We've got more of that stupid white sheet on it's way this week - ugh

Tee said...

We're supposed to get snow....I'm hoping for a snow/sew day tomorrow!

Big Dude said...

Your place looks so good in any kind of weather.

Pam said...

I want that snow! I miss living in a snowy area.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Our weathermans get paid lots of $$ too for always being wrong
Benny & Lily

Diane said...

You must have the same forecaster as we do, it seems to be wrong far more than it is right. I follow 4 different forecasts and they are all different, one of them sometimes gets it right ;-) Diane

Claire S. said...

One forecaster for all of us ? maybe.

On the weekend, ours predicted cloudy til Thursday - we've had a bit of sun every day so far !

Can't wait for the snow piles to start to go down though.

Big Dude's right - your place always looks so pretty.