Friday, August 24, 2007

No Shoe Left Behind

A girl named Amanda bought these shoes, then decided she didn't like them. So Amanda gave them to her friend Sally, who also didn't like them, but took them so as not to hurt Amanda's feelings. Sally gave them to her co-worker, my daughter. These shoes languished in my family room for about 3 weeks, because my daughter thought the color was strange. After looking at these poor orphan shoes for a while, I spotted some fabric on ebay which was in the same color family. So I adopted the fabric, and look how nicely it matches the shoes! Now my big dilemma is what to make from this fabric. It's very lightweight, almost sheer. I'm thinking an empire waisted dress with a floaty skirt, and a jacket to match, or maybe a fluffy skirt and jacket. These shoes, what quandaries they have caused. And what fun I'll have deciding what to make to go with them!

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Anonymous said...

A scarf would be cool too. You could wear one solid color, and have the scarf and shoes pick that color up.

I love shoes!