Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Confessions of a fabric junkie

I admit it. Maybe I need an intervention, but I don't think it will help. I love colors. I love clothes. I love fabric. I have a tiny office (6x10) which thankfully has a 9 foot ceiling. At one end of my office, I have a built-in desk, with bookcases to the ceiling; it's where I do much of our business work. At the other end, I have three 5-drawer file cabinets (the room narrows up at that end). On top of the cabinets are a few shelves, which are simply stuffed with fabric. I have whites, brights, darks, knits, linens, and everything in between.

Quite a number of years back, hubby & I were watching Mulholland Drive (I think that was the name of it), and I commented that I wanted a dressing gown like the white satin one Kim Basinger was wearing in it. His response, of course, was, "So go buy one!" (What a dear - that's what he says any time I want something). Instead, I designed one. The first was made of chiffon - didn't hold up so well. The second was royal purple stretch velvet. Very heavy, very warm, very elegant - I've worn it for 9 or 10 winters. The third was a nice lightweight cotton. After about 6 spring/summer seasons, it's growing some rather ugly threadbare spots. I went to Joann's Fabric to try to find a nice summer weight fabric a couple of weeks ago, and came out empty handed. So my computer illiterate husband suggested that I search ebay while he peered over my shoulder. The first thing he did was find me a sewing machine for $62, delivered, because mine is currently in for a "tune up". Then I found 10 yards of red burnout velvet ("new winter dressing gown!"), 5 yards of peach lightweight something, and assorted other things which he urged me to buy because they were pretty. Considering that I went to the going out of business sale at our local Hancock Fabric store in May, and bought several chunks of beautiful fabric I didn't need (and are not in the picture above, because they aren't fitting on the shelf), I'm in deep trouble. I need desperately to get sewing this weekend.....but I can't wait for that pretty new peach colored dressing gown.....

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Sharon said...

Hello! (Just found your blog through your comment at diary of a sewing fanatic.) This looks kinda normal to me, LOL, but I also have a closet packed full of fabrics!