Friday, August 31, 2007

A beautiful Summer Day!

It is gorgeous here for the last weekend of official summer. Sunny, 75, light breeze. This has nothing to do with cooking or sewing, just a pretty day here in my little corner of the world. This shot is taken out my back door, across the driveway, and down toward our orchard. We can't see any of our neighbors except in winter, and it's great! The little guys across the back fence hop over to our yard all the time to romp in this yard with my boys and our giant dog. Baseball, football, picnics, treehouse, tree swing; what's not to love?

2 of the kids are coming home from college for the long weekend; we're all thrilled. There's also a pattern sale going on at Joann's this weekend, so the one daughter I have remaining at home and I are headed over there tonight while we await the siblings' arrival. Probably no sewing this weekend, but I did finish a dress, shrug-type jacket, skirt and hair scarf from last weekend, a summer weight dressing gown the previous weekend, and a dress out of a great watercolor looking fabric the weekend before that. I'll probably even get to taking pictures some time soon.

Hope all one or 2 of you who might read this have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

You have a great weekend too!