Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Produce Box

If I remember to take pictures of my produce box every week, and post it, then I might start remembering to take other pictures, too.

At the very least, it will enable me to review what I've gotten over time, and determine if it's worthwhile for me, that is to say, am I getting produce I like and use?

This week:  More kale, more lettuce, a box of baby spinach, 2 boxes of heirloom cherry tomatoes (they were fantastic!), colorful carrots, 3 beets, more spaghetti squash (Ryan and I are pretty pleased), apples, mangoes, lemons, potatoes, onions.  I'm going to try making soup with the kale and seeing how we like it.

There we are! It only took me 4 days to get to this!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Pam said...

Awesome! What a box full of goodies. I love kale in soups and pasta dishes! I love potato, Italian sausage, and kale soup. YUM!

Sue said...

I think that's such a super idea. Wish we had ugly food boxes here. I'd especially like ugly fruit boxes.

gMarie said...

Try making zuppa toscana. It adds chopped kale at the end and it wilts down and is quite nice. When I make it I put the torn kale into my bowl and pour hot soup over it. Keeps the kale from getting too soggy. g