Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Garden Tuesday Plus Musings

It's been over 40 degrees for the past 2 days.  Can't you just see the melting?

Well, OK, maybe not.

Weekend musings:  Ryan came home for spring break.  Followed his GPS, left the interstate highway, and got lost for 3 hours.  Kids these days!

The 3 sisters went wedding dress shopping, and I tagged along, this weekend.  We found The Right Dress.  Spoiler alert: it is white, and long.  Updates in months.

Am I the only person in the world averse to ever moving my furniture?  Hubster and the girls moved around furniture in our library this weekend, and I am distraught.  They love it.  I now have to figure out how to make it work for me again.  Crap.  I did that 25 years ago, purchased all the furniture for each specific spot, and now it's disturbed.  You'll all probably overwhelmingly tell me I'm either (a) boring or (b) nuts. Or maybe both.

Ryan is overjoyed to have home cooking.  He's lost 50 pounds since August.  He could have stood to lose maybe 30 or 40, but by May, he's going to be positively anorexic!

See you tomorrow for Cookbook Wednesday.  I have to go make a cake so Ryan will have dessert, plus snacking for tomorrow!

Happy Less Snowy Tuesday, everyone!


Tami said...

What?! Ryan lost weight when he went to college instead of gaining it as they usually do? He must of really been missing your wonderful cooking. Feed him up as much as you can while he is home. It will make you both happy. :)

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Marjie,
First, I have to tell you how much I appreciated those lovely encouraging words you left on my blog. Thank you. I just spoke to Noah tonight. He is taking everything in stride except the fact that at the awards they only handed out one ribbon. He was quite distraught there wasn't two. What WERE those people thinking! His solution is to give the other boy the first place award from the local awards and keep the third place award from state. I was SO proud of him when he came up with that fair solution.

Now, as for that boy of yours, he did what??? Oh my goodness, you better stuff him with some food so he knows not to follow those dang GPS things. I can't tell you how many people I know who lose their places following them!

I'm sure he is thrilled to be home but maybe not as much as you and the rest of the family are to have him home:)

A dress already! That's fabulous! Can't wait for the details.

I'm not a furniture mover so I can't accuse you of being boring or nuts! If and when I do move furniture, I'm lost for days. (tell Ryan I get lost in my own house when it comes to rearranged furniture:)

"See" you tomorrow for Cookbook Wednesday Marjie which is in about 9 minutes from now:)

Lapdog Creations said...

We've had temps in the 40's the past few days, but we're set to backwards with some winter weather coming for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know who is going to be receiving some massive care packages over the next few months.

Pam said...

It takes me awhile to get used to furniture changes in my house too.

Normally kids gain weight in college! 50 pounds is a lot to lose. I am sure he is loving your home cooked meals and desserts.

Enjoy your warmer weather.

Big Dude said...

You know you're a young person when you use a GPS to get HOME:-)

Sue said...

I am so with you on the furniture thing. Rob loves to rearrange furniture and I hate it. When we were first married he wanted to move things around every weekend. Now he knows better than to suggest it. There were some mighty battles.

pam said...

Oh no. I don't like furniture moved. Not one bit.

Dexter said...

Oh my, I am just the opposite. When I was carefree and single I would routinely change up everything, even switching which room served which purpose. Now our house is so small that we don't have any options about where the furniture goes and I don't like it. The same view from my comfy chair year after year.

Mango Momma

Claire S. said...

Growing up - other than renovations - our house stayed pretty much the same. Except the living room, that tiny little square room got flipped 180° every once in a while...and my own house now, the only room I ever consider shifting around ? The living room LOL