Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cookbook Wednesday: Another Present!

I promised you last week that I'd show you the other cookbook Louise sent me last week.  It's a beauty.

Not only is it a cookbook, it's also a history of the 20th century - both in the furnishings of the kitchen and in cooking!

There are many reproductions of new things available for your kitchen, like this cupboard.  There were no kitchen cupboards prior to the early 20th century.  I presume everything was kept on shelves in a pantry.
Canned soup, anyone?  Or maybe a few words about soup?

 How about combining cans of soup to make another flavor?  Seems like a useful tidbit.
 Reproduction of a magazine cover, along with a little history, including the introduction of corn flakes, and the invention of the Hershey's Kiss!
 Cheesecake!  Who doesn't love a good cheesecake?  And the story of cheesecake? Bonus!
 Tales of Twinkies.  Gotta love it.
 And the legendary origin of the Chocolate Chip cookie.
 It's truly a wonder that Louise sent this to me, instead of keeping it and reading it herself.  I've scanned it pretty well now, and there is always something new to read, and there will be plenty new to cook.  Thank you, my friend, for such a wonderful surprise!
Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Pop on over to Months of Edible Celebration and see what everyone else has to offer (and scroll down farther to see tons of scrumptious meatballs!


Mae Travels said...

That looks like a real Louise-type cookbook with all the historic recipes from our past!

Nellie said...

Our style of living has changed so very much through the years! I can truthfully say that I am happy to have kitchen cupboards as well as a well-stocked pantry!

Sue said...

Sounds like a fascinating book to browse thru. When I was little my Grandmother had a huge pantry and no kitchen cabinets. My Grandfather built some for her.

~ Nee ~ said...

What a wonderful cookbook and a fantastic post . Happy reading Marjie . Thanks for sharing :)

pam said...

What a wonderful cookbook!

grace said...

that louise. what a peach. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a Hoosier Cabinet; might be my favorite piece of furniture.

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Marjie:)
I'm so glad you're enjoying that book. It's a favorite of mine also:)

I actually had two copies of this book because when my books were packed away, I missed it so much I just had to get another. I'm delighted to know it went to a nice appreciative home.

You've chosen some doozies to share from the book. I can't even imagine not having cupboards. I'm sure the cluttered pantry shelves tended to get quite messy, lol...

Thank you so much for sharing, Marjie and thank you for joining us for Cookbook Wednesday...