Friday, October 16, 2009

A Present for Thor (and me, too!)

Yesterday, there was white crap falling out of my sky. And my youngest was sleeping on the sofa with a sore throat much of the day. And Thor insisted that he keep going out to see if this stupid white crap was over and done yet. And I had an unhappy appointment to keep after 5. So it was a miserable day here, until Mr. UPS arrived with a present....from Gaylen!

Most importantly, she found poor Thor a wonderful new lobster! Now, Thor has to be convinced that a toy is his before he'll play with it. This is good, because I'm pretty sure it saves a lot of stuff from being eaten. So, for a while, we napped with the lobster.

When Patrick came home from the job fair, he decided to play with the lobster. Thor helped. Ultimately, the little boys got to play, too. Soon, Thor will be convinced that this is HIS new Lobster!

But my favorite part of the lobster was the tag. How funny is this?Can you read where it says "For Dogs Only"? Were there problems with children using dog toys?

Gaylen also made me a pretty new reversible apron, which is here with Mr. Lobster. You can see it on my br
eakfast room counter; one side is the yellow print with pink accents, and the other side is the pink print with the yellow accents. Now my apron can match my outfits.
But nicest of all, she knitted me socks. Duckie, be jealous: they're pink. I have never seen hand knitted socks before, and look at the detailing on the sides, and ruffly tops. Thank you, Gaylen; you made my day!


Swampechaun said...

Great prez-ees for you and Thor! Love the socks. I'm jealous!

noble pig said...

I want those socks! And yeah for Thor!! So absolutely sweet!

Channon said...

What a wonderful package!! Those are beautiful pink socks, and a lovely apron.

Show Thor the tag. Maybe that will clear up the confusion? (What a good boy!)

Paula said...

I want some pink socks! What a great box of presents! I love the fabrics on the apron, too. And I hope that Daryl the Duck and Mr. Lobster become fast friends! :-)

Paula said...

PS: Meant to say that I did notice the label that said "For Dogs Only"! Was there ever any confusion? :-)

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Lucky you and Thor. Those are very nice and thoughtful gifts :)

Mango said...

For dogs only? Huh?

Nice big wide mouth you have there.


P.S. Sometimes I play with my toys just by having them close to me too.

~~louise~~ said...

What colorful "treats" for you and Thor. I do hope you will be modeling that apron for us. It looks adorable and reversible too!!! Enjoy:)

Mickle in NZ said...

Such a beautifully plush lobster for darling Thor

(Zeb, being a cat, would have moved in as soon as the plushness was obvious - daft Zeb would have licked the plush fabric).

And our Marjie has a beautiful apron (Gaylen - such skill to make it fully reversable and with pockets) and super snuggly socks - just in time for the early, way too early, snowy crap style weather.

Marjie, I expect that the furness is on, huh? Hope Mark is better soon,

huggles and cuddles, Michelle xxx

buffalodick said...

That's really nice of her!

Mickle in NZ said...

P.S. - you are getting just the weather to enjoy wearing such pretty socks, made just for you.

I must know finish my very first sock,and make its mate so that at least I'll have completed a pair (dear Gaylen - sincere thank yous for the knitting socks boost I needed).

And more sincere "thank yous" to Marjie for offering so much inspiration. I hope the post 5.00pm appointment went okay, caring love and gentle all-enveloping hugs just for you, Michelle in NZ

Linda said...

Stupid, stupid double stupid white stuff. I love the socks though!

Linda said...

Stupid, stupid double stupid white stuff. I love the socks though!

Thor said...

Hi Thor!
What wonderful package! I love your lobster! Your Mom´s socks too ;)


Pam said...

Yay for Thor, but especially yay for you! I love hand knitted socks, they are soooo cute. I want to knit some so bad, but I'm afraid!

Sue said...

I don't think I've worn hand knit socks since I was a little girl, many years ago, and I'd forgotten how good they feel. G sends the best packages, doesn't she?

Dr Zibbs said...

Cool looking dog.