Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Missing Teacher

In honor of Gaylen's present to me, I'm sharing with you this story which my youngest wrote last year, in the middle of fourth grade. They were assigned to write a story using several elements, but none of them struck my boy's fancy. Thus, you have, complete with his spelling and punctuation errors....

If someone asked George if he had something to do with it, he'd sa
y no. But the truth was he did. In fact, he had a lot to do with it. But let's start at the beginning. Goerge had given his teacher an apple the previous day, and now she was missing. It was 8:45, the bell had just rung. "Where's the teacher?" Katie asked? "Dunno,"said Joe. "Let's have a party," he suggested.

"But wait," one cautious boy said, "What if she walks in two minutes from now?"
"Now, Sam, you well know she would not do a stupid thing like that," said Steven. Sam wasn't convinced. "Yes, she would," he'd say. "If she doesn't come
in now, it's likly she won't come in."

"Yes, I know that, said Sam, but like you sayed, there is a slim chance she will." The others started taking sides. Some agreed with Steven, but most agreed with Sam. "Okay you guys can sit there and do Science like wimps," said Steven. He and his friends began to play games.

"You'll be sorry," said Sam. Andy began to be teacher. "Everybody must now begin to dance on their desks." The children had no choice but to obey. After school that day John, Tim, Tom, Joe and Sam met under the big oak tree in the yard. "I think someone kidnaped her," annonced Joe. All the others agreed. "I think we should try to rescue her." A rainstorm began. Steven walked up to them. "You honestly think she was kidnapped?" His voice was as angry as the storm. "You morons." He stomped away.

The sun cleared. The clouds rolled away. "Oh dear me," said Tim. "It's blue out. Cheer up you gloomy thing," said Tom. "Alright everyone," said Sam abruptly. "Our first course of action will be to find out anything that will give us any information about the capture."

The next day, they all reported to Sam. "All I found was a piece of apple skin," said Joe. They looked each other strangly. "GEORGE!" they bellowed. George came immedeetly. "Did you, by any chance eat an apple yesterday?"

"No." came the reply. George looked at them as if they had 3 heads. "I gave her an apple, but she did not eat it." Sam got excited. "We must find out who ate the teacher's apple. The we find out if he captured the teacher." They took a survey of the class, but no one had ate it. "I do enjoy apples," Brian had said. "But I most certainly did not eat the teachers apple."

"One of you is lying,"said Joe. "And when we find out who it is, you wi
ll be very, very, very sorry."

Suspect 1: Steven, because he is very opposing of us finding the teacher, he did not want to be caught.

Suspect 2: Brian. He likes apples so he might have ate it, then locked the teacher up.

That is what the suspect list looked like. The next morning in Science, the Science teacher explained about fingerprints. "There are loops, arches and whorls," she had said. "The apple piece looks like it has no fingerprints on it," commented Tom. as Joe and John walked home together discussing the day's happenings, they saw a trail of apple skin. They decided to follow it. At the end was the teacher's house. They walked through her house. There she was knitting a sock. "I could not go to school without a sock," she explained. She went back to school and everything went back to normal.


I was reminded of this story by Gaylen's thoughtful gift. I hope you all got a good chuckle out of it, too.


gaylen said...

Cute story! But I wanna see the socks on your feet - seriously you can wear them. g

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so cute! I love the trail lead back to a sock!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Love it - too cute :)

Paula said...

He wrote this in 4th grade! Outstanding composition! I love reading stories that enable me to picture in my mind what's happening. What did your then 7th grade Science fan think of Steven's line about "do Science like wimps"? ha! My favorite line was the simile "His voice was as angry as the storm." You've got an author on your hands, Marjie, and a good one at that!

Still lovin' the socks. They'll keep your feet warm as you've got snow already.

doggybloggy said...

too cute!

Breezy Point Mom said...

Wow, Mark was clearly motivated and inspired when he wrote that! The sock part was completely unexpected, too. Very good composition!

Channon said...

LOL... Flash Gmarie some feet, will ya?!

(It was a very cute story though!)

Tatersmama said...

Don't you just love kids stories? I love 'em... punctuation and mistakes and all!
If he has brought Thor into the story, they wouldn't have had to think so hard to figure things out! Thor could have found the teacher for them!

And the socks? *sigh* I wish I knew how to knit without using my tummy to hold the needle as I'm wrapping the yarn around it!

noble pig said...

How I love the words from children, always a welcome treat in my book.

Mickle in NZ said...

Mark - what a really great story. I think you need to add English composition as a super skill along side your mathematics.

Marjie - you got in too fast with this delight - before I got to comment on Gaylen's incredibily beautiful gifts. Plus the joy of seeing my favourite English Mastiff with his new, blue - and very plush - lobster. Zebbycat would love to wash the plush surface, so is just as well Zeb is here, not there.

Snow already is just too much!

Sleepy huggles and care from downunder, Michelle xxx (of course my cat is snoring again.... he's Zebbycat - eat sleep snore)

Mickle in NZ said...

P.S. Marjie I'm delighted that you will have super warm and very pretty feet when you wear the beautiful socks from Gaylen.

Just please do restrict your darling daughters from even touching the socks. These are Marjie's socks! BACK OFF Daughters of MARJIE!!!

Pam said...

That's a great story!