Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Which Thor Celebrates Pooh's 83rd Birthday

Thanks to Louise, I became aware yesterday that it was the 83rd anniveresary of the first publication of Winnie the Pooh. Of course, everyone loves Pooh Bear, right? Right. So, since Louise thoughtfully provided a link to a Pooh Party Guide, which included a recipe for Hunny Cake, we had everything necessary!

Thor loves a good party, and you can be certain that he was in the middle of it, along with a couple of Birthday Poohs and Birthday Tigger.
He sniffed for a minute, to see if the Hunny Cake was dog friendly.

Having concluded that while bears like hunny, dogs do not, Thor laid down for a while. Others celebrated with Hunny Cake; Thor celebrated with Beef Treats.

In case you're not Thor, here's how you would go about making a proper Hunny Cake. Oh, bother, it requires baking! Sorry!


1-3/4 cups flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup butter (1 stick), softened
1/2 cup milk

1/4 cup hunny (or honey, as you see fit)

Cream the butter with brown sugar, then beat in the eggs until smooth. Add all of the dry ingredients, milk and honey, and beat until light and creamy. Spread in either two 9" round pans, or a 9x13 baking pan. Bake at 375F 20 to 25 minutes for either size, until the cake tests done. The original recipe suggests topping the cake with powdered sugar (and my dearly beloved opines that it would have been great that way), but I used....


1 egg white
1/2 cup honey

Beat the egg white until stiff. When it's very stiff, put your honey in a large microwavable measuring cup, and microwave it until it boils, less than a minute. (If you use a 1 cup me
asure, you run the real risk of boiling over, which is a delightful mess; learn from my experience.) With the mixer running, drizzle the hot honey into the egg white, and beat until smooth and glossy. Frost your cake; the frosting layer will be smaller than with most other recipes, but it's rich and moist enough to make up for that. This recipe was found in my old Fannie Farmer cookbook, although she didn't label it as being appropriate for Pooh's birthday.

Thor wishes you all a Happy Thorsday, and hopes you will celebrate a belated Pooh's Birthday with all of your two footed and four footed friends. Until next week, In Which Thor Hopes He Will Have Found Sunshine....


Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know about Pooh's 83rd birthday or about the honey cake. I pulled your infor and may try to have a Pooh party next year. Thanks ♥ Thor is so cute! Charli and I just love him. Happy DOT!

Sue said...

Any excuse for a party. Thor looks resigned to his treats and the bad weather. I hate seeing so much gray in his face. Tsar is getting gray, too.

Nichole said...

Thor always knows how to party!!!

Swampechaun said...

Marji - you have done it again. I love that you celebrated Pooh's birthday. Sending you a cyber hug for that one!

gaylen said...

In which GMarie comments on how much she loves honey cake - well anything with honey and her dogs say - no don't make it!


The Blonde Duck said...

This is brilliant! I shall have a Pooh party this weekened!

Channon said...

Oh look! You had a party... that's another entry in the contest...

knittinwolf said...

How cool, I didn't know it was Pooh's birthday. That recipe looks wonderful too...nothing in it I can't have which is a shocker with all my food allergies! Might make that later today because I'm craving something sweet!:) Thor is such a big sweetie pie!

Mango said...

I believe that the Pooh Bear actually preferred livers cake. I suggest you have your mom bake one for you with great haste.


Pam said...

Happy birthday to Pooh. I've never had a honey cake but I am sure I would love it.

Anonymous said...

a pooh party... yeehaa anything with the animal kingdom is a celebration

sit down and ride :)

Jennifer Bowen said...

Thor's not a party animal, is he? LOL Thanks for the recipe. The kids and I will have to try out that recipe. We're big on honey here in our household.

BTW, how was your son's 5th grade exams? Did he find them easy?

Talk to you soon! =)

Sonya said...

That cake looks and sounds great!~

Serendipity said...

Wow can you bake! That looks really yummy!

Paula said...

Love your, "oh bother" line! The spelling hunny is so cute, too. When the twins were born, they shared a room and we went all out and decorated it in Winnie the Pooh. Now, that room belongs to just the boy, and the Pooh stuff is long gone. I did save a couple things though for keepsakes. Did you get a piece of cake? I'm not familiar with this recipe, but I'm wondering if it's kind of a spice cake (which I do enjoy). That meringue frosting sounds and looks to marvelous. YUM! PS: Your fellas get more and more handsome each time I see them. Remember ... I've got TWO that's -2- girls! :-)

buffalodick said...

Honey can be a great cooking tool for sweetening..

Mickle in NZ said...

Word verification is "upforest"

Wow - back in October 1987 there was a furious storm that attacked the south east of England. I was over there at the time, and the damage was vast. I went out on a drive with a couple of freinds in the November - we pased roads where the services had just cut through the downed trees that has blocked the roads - either sides of the roads were walled with heaps of cut off tree logs.

What am I getting to - The Hundred Acre Wood had been damaged too, and for about the first time ever Christopher Robin spoke out, asking for help in looking after, repairing and protection for this woodland.

Twenty Two years on, I hope this forest has recovered.

Huge beef meat loaf huggles for Thor (Thors and Tiggers don't like hunny - sensible lads). Zebbycat adores his daily fresh beef or lamb flesh meal.

Hunny cake - must make with the local floral honey I can get here.

Nom, nom, nom.........

TavoLini said...

Neat idea for the frosting! Happy Birthday, Pooh :)

Jan Mader said...

I'm sending this post to all my teacher friends. I think that Pooh's birthday should be celebrated by people all over the world!

You're awesome!!!

Mickle in NZ said...

Appreciate you get cold stuff but snow, snow already? You just need to work out where is a less than super cold spot in the year for Thor to relieve himself in peace and comfort. Covers over my wee seedlings no where near as needed as as covers over Thor's loo/toilet place over the next 8 months. Arthritis that Thor may now get is not a funny, very much a pain that needs warmth and gentle care.

Zebbycat, older than Thor, gets much warm love and huggly snuggles.

I'll stop raving now and clear off to bed........

Rose said...

Wow, that cake looks yummmmmmy!!!!
And I love the picture at the top of your blog... Thor looks like a gently giant. I've had two great danes in my past and I've always loved large dogs. I don't think I could handle having a small one. Anyway, neat blog!

Pam said...

My favorite stories are Pooh and my favorite doggie is Thor.

~~louise~~ said...

Oh my my...I'm just in time for a little smackerel...Hunny Cake with Hunny "Snowed" Topping. Yum...eeee.
A Thought for Thor
If I were a bear
And a big bear too,
I shouldn't much care
If it froze or snew;
I shouldn't much mind
If it snowed or friz -
I'd be all fur-lined
With a coat like his.