Monday, March 31, 2008

Thor is Lonely!

For the last month, our college kids have been shuffling in and out of here. This past week, our 20 year old son, who's a very enthusiastic dog companion, has been home; he left yesterday. Thor's been delighted that he had someone in his weight/energy class to play "rope" and "lobster" with. His big problem is that Thor will be 7 in early May - that's like 80 in Mastiff years - so he gets tired out after playing with Jeffrey for a while. So, what's a poor English Mastiff to do when he gets tired and Jeffrey keeps taking his toys? Why, take his toys and sit next to the Alpha Dog in the house - Dad. He's reputed to be the meanest SOB on the hill. No one would dare take a lobster from him. But today, with Jeffrey gone, Thor and his lobster are lying sadly in the kitchen, periodically getting up to patrol the family room and playroom to see if his buddy has returned. Only 6 weeks, my faithful doggy companion, until your pal comes home again.

On another note, here's a question for anyone who might read this: How much would you pay for the Tidy Sisters to paint, say, your kitchen or living room? My daughters are facing a summer during which they must obtain gainful employment. They worked for a friend of ours painting his apartments last summer, and I've suggested to them that they take out a classified ad offering their painting services. Our friend is a fast, meticulous painter, and he said my girls are the best he's ever had. Indeed, they repainted the trim and ceiling in our kitchen/breakfast room for me last November, and left no mess. I am a poor judge of what a "real" person would pay for this service, since my house is much larger than average, and I would welcome any comments from anyone as to how much repainting rooms is worth. Thanks in advance!


Pam said...

Poor Thor! And I have no idea how much I would pay to have a room painted.

Marjie said...

At least it's sunny this afternoon, so he's outside romping with the little boys. He's been depressed when they're in the schoolroom.