Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Girls Came Home

You may recall that my 2 younger daughters went to visit their older sister's college, leaving on Sunday. This is the three of them at the airport at 5:30AM Sunday, ready to get on the plane:
The younger girls, the redhead and brunette, arrived back this afternoon. Just a note, my youngest has below waist lenght strawberry blond hair with a natural wave, and she wore it in a bun on the plane ride both ways because "it's ridiculously long, and would smell like plane!" I don't know what "plane" smells like, but I'll tell you what, I'd be eternally grateful if my hair would grow more than about 5" below my shoulders, as would her sisters.

The girls had a splendid time; I'm glad I agreed to spend the money for the adventure, because the older daughter graduates in May; this opportunity won't arise again. She took only 3 years to get her degree, and she will graduate with honors, having made the Dean's List all 5 (soon to be 6) semesters. She's going to law school, and was disappointed that she wasn't accepted to Yale Law (but her parents weren't). So, I need to make flight arrangements for my husband, 2 little boys and me; the poor dog will be miserable for 4 days. Heck, he's never seen the parents leave for more than a day. Should be interesting.


Marji said...

Beautiful girls. And congrats mom on how well your daughter has done at school. It does reflect back on you.

Pam said...

You have the loveliest family! Really. I love looking at pictures of all your children!