Friday, March 7, 2008

Red Shoes Need a Red Dress

...and that was the reason for my Valentine's Day dress. I bought these red shoes in the summer of (I'm pretty sure) 1988, at the shoe store in the plaza behind the art gallery on the Kingston Pike in Knoxville. We were getting some shoes for my dearly beloved, having made a deal with Joe and his brother for some oil paintings, and I saw these; I simply HAD to have them. Now, I did say the summer of 1988, some 20 years ago. And yet, you can still see the price tag inside them. Why? Because I've never had red clothing.

When I was in the cedar closet in our attic getting our Christmas Tree skirt out (yes, I live in an 80 year old house with a full attic and cedar closet), I found some red velveteen which has been riding around with us, pretty much unheeded, since I found it in a closet in our previous house. I had never even unfolded it, but I felt from the heft of it that it would make a nice winter dress. Well, it was indeed almost 3 yards long, but only 36" wide! So, I ended up with a lovely red velveteen sleeveless dress to wear on Valentine's Day. My poor hubby had to suffer with the heat set at 74 so I could finally wear my nice red shoes with a red dress. This is a picture I took of myself in the mirror; I'm chagrined to say that the little boys' handprints and dog's noseprints are too prominent. Sorry! But, as you can see, I was still wearing those red shoes!

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Paula said...

Ok ... there is NO WAY that you gave birth to nine children! Besides being lovely, you look far too young! Women must give your hair looks of envy where ever you go, too. Red looks good on you. It is one of my favorite colors, and my personal belief is that a string of pearls are the best adornment to go with it. You know ... red shoes, red dress, and a string of pearls. Of course I wouldn't say no to sapphires or rubies or diamonds.
PS: Your curtains in the background are pretty too.