Sunday, November 18, 2007

Expect the Unexpected

I don't have time to post today. Honest. That being said, the unexpected occurred today. My little guys were playing with the boys next door, when they heard that another family needed to give away their guinea pigs because the parents had decided that dog, cats, pigs and rabbit were too many animals. Of course, I'm a softy, so when big brother Jeff volunteered to take them to the donors' house to get the pigs, I acquiesced. This is when they first got here. Notice that Thor has to join in the fun, too; maybe he thinks either he's a really big rodent or they are really small dogs? Then, one of them got brave, and went to visit Thor. Now, we have had guinea pigs before, and Thor takes his role as protector of small rodents very seriously. He really did sit beside our old guinea pig in the lawn for countless hours over the course of a couple of summers. Nonetheless, Thor was a little surprised when the new guinea pig nibbled at his nose.
The next unexpected thing was the weather. Yesterday, it was raining, as it has been all week. The leaves haven't yet fallen off the trees, which is remarkable. About 2PM today, THIS started:
Yes, those bright white spots are actual snowflakes. Yes, that is the top of our riding mower's seat in the foreground of the picture. And, yes, that is snow weighing on my trees. It's really pretty on the crabapple tree right outside my kitchen window, which lost its leaves a while ago, so it's just snow on bare branches. It's even pretty sitting on the tree leaves. But it isn't going to be so pretty when it starts breaking my branches off. Ah, well, I should read and remember my title.

Back to cleaning and pre-cooking.


Lori said...

Thor is such a good boy! I would never be able to trust Snoopy like that.

Paula said...

Snow! Oh man, was there enough to toss around a couple snow balls or make snow angels? What does Thor think of the cold, white stuff? Snow and guinea pigs all in one day, plus family coming home ... I bet there are smiles abounding in your home! Lot's of "ah's" from my brood looking at the pictures of the wee beasties.

Lori said...

Happy Thanksgiving, ladies! Enjoy the day with your families.