Monday, November 12, 2007

Menu Planning

Here's the menu for the week around Thanksgiving:

Breakfast every day: eggs, waffles, or oatmeal.
Lunch every day: homemade bread with whatever meat may be left in the fridge, and soup. It's likely I'll just make a gallon or 2 of chicken rice soup and let people reheat it as desired. (Yes, that's a gallon or two. And it'll only last maybe 3 days,)

Dinner menus:

Friday, November 16 (2 kids home)

Beef Stew
Quick Sally Lunn bread
Chocolate (sheet) cake

Saturday, Nob. 17

Chicken with Pineapple & Carrots
White Rice
French Bread

Sunday, Nov. 18

Viennese Turkey
Pasta Carbonara
Portuguese Sweet Bread
Yellow (sheet) cake

Monday, November 19

Steak (for kids)/Fish (for parents)
White Rice
Babylonian Bread
Orange Sponge Cake

Tuesday, November 20 (2 more kids home)

Chicken in a bag
Party Rice
Homestead Bread
Minted Peas
Glazed Carrots
Brownie Tuesdays

Wednesday, Nov. 21 (1 kid plus relatives from CT arrive)

Roast Beef/gravy
"Rock" potatoes
French Bread
French Apple Cobbler

Friday, Nov. 23 (eldest son home)

Leftover turkey, stuffing, etc.
white rice (for the oldest son, who won't eat most starches(

leftover dessert by the ton

Saturday Nov. 24

Roast Leg of Lamb
Parsleyed potatoes/white rice (for aforementioned son)
French Bread
Birthday Cake for Dan

One of my sons is bringing his girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, so someone who is not used to the normal lunatic pa
ce of this house will be arriving during one of the looniest weeks of the year. Ah, well, I did tell him that she's invited at her own risk!

I'm still working out the sid
e dishes for Thanksgiving. However, now that the rest of the week is written down, I have to cook it this way! What a relief not to have to think about those days!

And, of course, you all know who will be "helping" me, with his 275 lb self underfoot all week!


Anonymous said...

What time should I be there? *giggle* :oD

Pam said...

Wow, you are really organized, but I guess you have to be! I was just starting to think about my Thanksgiving menu.

Marjie said...

Hey, Lori, come any time after Monday!

Pam, I'm an organizing nut, at least according to my husband's sister!