Thursday, November 8, 2007

2 Weeks To Thanksgiving!

Yesterday's paper had articles about planning for Thanksgiving. The first suggestion was that next Wednesday, we all need to assign chores to all household members. Yeah, right. I can, at best, tell the kids to make sure their rooms are clean, and I can lead the cleaning parade through the formal rooms (I'll wipe the heat, you dust the paintings, you dust the tables, etc.). Hubby, wash the floor? He'll just bust a gut laughing. Sometimes I wonder where these so-called lifestyles writers get their notions.

Anyway, this weekend I start by makinig my Thanksgiving dress. This is the fabric. I was going to make a really fancy dress, but my husband asked me to make my regular, plain (classic princess seamed) dress because the fabric is so fancy. When he makes a request, I like to comply, if possible. Well, it'll be easy, only a couple hour long project.
This was my crowd for Thanksgiving 2 years ago. I won't have as many people this year, because 4 of these people aren't coming from California. My husband's sister hasn't called me back yet to say if she & her family are coming, and his mother has pretty much announced that she's 88 and never leaving her condo again. However, our "orphan" friends, Greg and his 2 adult sons (their mother left the 3 of them about 1985) are coming, along with a couple of other "orphans". My oldest son won't be able to get here, because the financial house he works for offered him either Thanksgiving week or Christmas week, and he chose to come home for Christmas. He did want to come home Friday night, so we can get the family Christmas tree on Saturday night, and celebrate #3 son's 22nd birthday that day, too. As for menu planning, well, I'm starting with my famous "Chernobyl Turkey" - 2 turkeys, each about 18 pounds, and 12 extra legs. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, several kinds of bread, whole cranberry sauce, jellied cranberry sauce (from a can), maybe of the orphan friends has a vegetarian girlfriend who won't eat salad. I'm never quite sure what she eats, other than lots of dessert.

I am working on my menu plan for the entire week, to account for houseguests and day visitors, and my dessert menu. I'm sure I'll have more on this subject in the next week, at which time I'll have to start really working!

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Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm having Thanksgiving too! I have a way smaller group though.

A vegetarian who doesn't eat salad?! That's a first.