Friday, March 15, 2019

Squirrel Jammies!

(Note: not actually for squirrels.)

There's a little upscale thrift shop in our community center, and I like to drop in periodically to just pick up some little thing and leave them a few dollars.  It's not that I particularly want or need anything, although I did find some nice, plain, leather flat sandals there for $6 last summer before we went to the beach.  Anyway, I was in there a couple of weeks ago, and spotted some cotton knit.  It was over 3 yards (115", according to the tag) for $2.50.  It looked like little kid jammies to me, so I handed them my money and went to plan.

 (Of course the pattern won't show upright.  It always goes that way.)

The easy part was the grow bag for baby.  This time, I didn't make a hat; I'm just not that into hats.  And if she needs to wear a sleeping hat, the panda one is super soft.  Anyway, I made a squirrel grow bag.

I thought about putting on a contrasting pink snap, but ultimately went with the nicely matched green.

Then I had to figure out jammies for Nora, without a pattern  I sort of made a mashup of the panda dress pattern, altered to have long sleeves and cuffs, and hopefully be the right length over the tummy.  Then I took a pattern for leggins, widened it up just a touch, shortened it, added cuffs, and,.voila! Jammies!  And, if they don't fit, that's ok.  They can be donated for some smaller kid to wear.

I still have squirrel fabric left, so it might call me to become something else.  But meanwhile, I have some pretty green fabric that's calling my name....

This is the weekend of the baby welcome gathering....not really a shower, just the aunties and grandmas descending upon Shannon's house to celebrate the new little one.  Ice cream will be involved; that's how you'll know it's a party!

Happy Weekending, everyone!


Rhodesia said...

You are so good at sewing, your work always is so good. I sew so little these days and I used to make all my own clothes!!! Keep well and enjoy the party. Diane

Pam said...

ADORABLE! I love the fabric and both designs. Have a wonderful time this weekend.