Thursday, March 7, 2019

Some Little Girl Sewing

Shannon's expecting her second girl May 1st.  Fingers crossed that the little one doesn't decide to arrive early....

Anyway, what's a grandma to do but make special things for baby?  Oh, and some for big sister, too, because that's what grandmas do.

First up, a baby blanket.  The right size for the cradle or car seat, and not too small for the crib, where she'll ultimately go.  Acrylic, so washer friendly after the inevitable barf attacks, and hypoallergenic, to boot.

Next, bibs.  A big one for Nora, and little ones for the little one.  Oh, I know Nora will use all 3, but we can pretend that's how it will work, right?

A grow bag. Does anyone else remember grow bags?  Baby wears her blanket, so you know she's warm enough?  This is a lovely, soft brushed cotton.  The colors in this are why I chose the yarn for the blanket.  I also made the hat to go with it, but it's stupidly huge - big enough for Nora right now, so I made a second one, only 2/3 the size of the first.  Note to self: google how big a newborn's head is before you make a stupidly huge hat.

And, because the fabric was too cute, a dress for Nora from the panda fabric.  Baseball style sleeves, A-line styling, soft stretch cotton, just right for playing outside.  And barely a square inch of the fabric left over.  I call that a win!

There are more little girl dresses to come, and more jammies, too, but that's enough for now.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Diane said...

Everything is so adorable! Your grandbabies are very lucky to have you as their grandmother!

Faye Lewis said...

Everything is so gorgeous! Didn't you make a grow bag before too?

gMarie said...

Absolutely perfect. I'm glad you are sewing again and making such cute things. Lucky grandbabies. g

Pam said...

Best.Grandma.Ever! Everything is adorable. I loved the grow bags when my kids were infants. The panda material is the BEST! Congratulations on the upcoming newest arrival!!!

Rhodesia said...

You always make beautiful things and this is no exception. Glad that you are being kept busy. Have a good weekend, Diane