Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Little miscellaneous sewing

So, in the midst of making adorable baby things, I made an infinity scarf for the relative in Denver.  The pattern was included in my February Sewciety subscription box.  This wasn't the fabric they sent, but I chose it to go with a green sweater dress I'd bought her.  Seemed appropriate for February in Denver.

I also made some napkins for Jeff.  He'd bought placemats for his new house, so I coordinated some napkins.  He pointed out that his dog doesn't use napkins, to which I countered that his dog doesn't use a placemat, either, but he might invite some cute young thing to dinner, and might want to impress.  He sounded unconvinced.

That's it for miscellaneous sewing.  More little dresses soon.


Rhodesia said...

Like the scarf and glad that you have plenty to do. Have a good week, Diane

Diane said...

Love the scarf! Can't wait to see what comes off your machine next!

Pam said...

The scarf is beautiful and I love the design of the napkins too. You are so talented!