Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Garden Tuesday, On Wednesday

Our visitors have gone home.  The house is quiet for a little while.  Reflashing of the chimneys is underway this week, because....

The slate is done!  I have rocks on my roof again!

(Man, that garage and porch look massive, since I'm standing at the far end of the garage roof to take this picture!  But it's a fun place from which to survey the roof and yard.)

The color match isn't great, probably because it's hard to match freshly cut slate with that which has been weathering 90+ years.  You can see on this stretch above my bedroom, which is visible from nowhere except atop the garage roof, how different the color is.  Mostly, though, they mixed old and new, dark and light, and it looks pretty good.

And, yes, I painted that window and all of the trim around that dormer after I was finished with the camera.  I was standing on top of the porch roof.  Since I wasn't a dullard, and didn't walk off the edge, it was all fine. 

(But I do have to confess that the roofers had a ladder up next to another dormer which they had repaired, and I climbed up to paint that dormer's trim, too.  Hubby footed the ladder to prevent it from tipping over, if that really is a thing.)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Wow! Love the slate. Fancy schmanzy
Lily & Edward

Lapdog Creations said...

Love the slate! Looking good!

Big Dude said...

Can't imagine working on a roof that steep. I know you'll be glad when all is done

grace said...

i hate heights and greatly prefer my two feet planted firmly on the ground! looks beautiful though--a good reward for your patience!

Pam said...

I am terrified of heights, so I think you are CRAZY to climb that ladder and paint!! ;-) I am glad you are safely on the ground now. The slate roof looks great.

Sue said...

Nature will take care of matching the slate. I don't do ladders much anymore except to change light bulbs.