Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cookbook Wednesday: Weight Watchers, c. 1990

There was a used book sale on Saturday, and Ryan and I got up early to attend.  I didn't really buy myself any books (4 cookbooks, no real books), although I did buy some books for the relative in Denver, but this was one of my purchases.

You all undoubtedly remember my dearly beloved grumbling that he was too fat, and that pretzels have nothing to do with it, because there are no calories in snack food, right? So, he is still grumbling (and still eating pretzels).  I thought this book might help me make him drop a few pounds (and help me in the process, because what woman over the age of 30 doesn't think she could stand to lose at least 10 pounds?).

Naturally, "somebody" in this house wailed that we don't need a stinkin' Fat Watchers Cookbook.  Um, we're all wailing about fat.  It needs to get watched somehow.
 It has all of the usual sections.  One thing I admired is that the index is listed alphabetically, but also by low cholesterol and low sodium.  Bonus!
 These look like some dandy breakfast selections.  And Fat Watchers says they aren't fattening?  Gotta love it.
 There are no pictures on each page, as new cookbooks are now published, just 3 short groups of glossy pages.  Pictures like these always make me feel inadequate; who really puts out a breakfast spread like this anyhow?
 I'm pretty sure this Orange Veal Marsala is in my future, except using chicken.
 I don't quite know why I'd add calories to my green beans, but if you're not a fan, this would be a good treatment.
 This one, not so much.  How do you think my hungry hordes would react to Puree of Green Bean Soup?  I'm thinking revolution would be the order of that day, followed by an emergency pizza.

And one of the truly great features of the book - menus.  There are 14 days of menus, and it looks like these are guidelines you could live with happily.  Of course, that's undoubtedly why the WW program has survived this long.
 This is my entry for Cookbook Wednesday, hosted by Louise!  Drop by and say hello to her, and see what dandy cookbooks she and others have to offer!


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Marjie:)

I may be right behind you at the next cookbook sale, I had so many WW cookbooks that I thought I would never use and guess what, I sure wish I hadn't sold them at the yard sale!

This one looks like a keeper. I've been referring to any Cooking Light books I can get my hands on but I must say, WW will do too.

If we skim over the Puree of Green Bean Soup, which Marion would most definitely balk at, I'd say everything else looks doable especially that Marsala.

Thanks for sharing Marjie...enjoy the expected sunny weekend!!!

Diane said...

I have no WW books, but I have 3 'Weigh Less' books which have some fabulous recipes in them. One book is all Asian type recipes as well which makes a great change. Yes time I started using them more!!!! Take care Diane

Anonymous said...

Weight Watchers Oatmeal? I think I'll just page down to your next post and admire your granddaughter.

Sue said...

I'm glad you're doing cookbook Wednesday again. I enjoy seeing new books and reading your reviews. I do love cookbooks.