Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cookbook Wednesday: Ryan Made Me Do It

At the used book sale 2 weeks ago (different from the one last weekend, which I attended with the girls), I picked out a couple of cookbooks.  Then Ryan found this one, and campaigned for it.  So, it would be accurate to say "Ryan made me do it!"

by Nick Malgieri
c. 2000

The cover of this book is enough to make you want it.  And all of the cookies on the cover.
 And the inside of the covers are enough to make you say, "Ah, well, weighing 400 pounds is a fine price to pay for all of these cookies!" (But when you realize YOU have to make them, your resolve will doubtless waver.)
 The table of contents shows that there are a wide variety of cookie categories in this cookbook, from (my favorites) bar and drop cookies, to more elaborate molded, piped and biscotti, and even including savory cookies AKA crackers.
 There are not pictures on every page; in fact, they are on very few pages.  There are about 4 pages similar to the inside of the cover, and that is enough drool inducement for my little corner of the world.  And don't these bar cookies look like something you simply must have now? I'm a sucker for shortbread.
 Ultimate Lemon Squares?  I don't know how they are different from regular lemon squares, but count me in.
 Drop cookies? These look terrific.
 Checkerboard cookies.  These are on the table of contents page.  The illustration tells you how to make them look checkered.  Probably too much work for me, but I'm betting that one or more of my daughters might try this when they are home at some point.
 Virtually all of these recipes call for a ton or butter.  I'm pretty sure that is a 100% guarantee of fabulous flavor.  Ryan will no doubt be campaigning for me to find out.  Soon.
 Macaroons, also known as diet cookies, but loaded with different flavors.
 Vanilla pretzels?  I love vanilla.  And I love their illustration of how to get the pretzel shape.
 Biscotti.  Double baking feels like a lot of work to me, but everyone loves biscotti.
 Sandwich cookies? Of course!
 Pizzelle, in many forms and flavors.  I have an old pizzelle iron, designed to be used on the stove top, which I haven't used since, oh, 1981 or so.  I'm not inspired to get it out.
 And crackers, also known as savory cookies.  These skinny rosemary bread sticks are a lot like the ones you sometimes find in restaurants; they might be a fun alternative to the regular, fat puffy ones I make.
 This is Cookbook Wednesday, hosted by Louise.  Stop by and see her Passover cookbooklet, and then visit the other contributors to this event.
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Mae Travels said...

You snagged a good one at that book sale! Your family will really luck out if you keep experimenting with the recipes.

best... mae at

~~louise~~ said...

Yippee Ryan!!!
I was just thinking today that I haven't made cookies in a long while. I'd love to tackle those checkerboard cookies but that would be like me digging out the pizzelle iron, not happening!!!

I might try the variations on the Macaroons especially since Macaroon Day is in May. (the date escapes me at the moment:)

I vote for Ryan to get his hands baking some of those cookies. I know he can do it and since he's in charge of the cookie book, then he should have his choice of which ones he would like to bake, lol...

Thanks for sharing Marjie...and thanks for joining in for Cookbook Wednesday!!!

pam said...

I can't wait to see what you make from it!!

Pam said...

A ton of butter does make a cookie taste irresistible. Looks like Ryan made you get a good cookbook.

grace said...

we used this book at the bakery! as i recall, it was full of keeper recipes, so i'd say kudos to ryan! :)

Lapdog Creations said...

AND... now I want cookies!!!!! It's all your fault! :)

Sue said...

I love cookie cookbooks and have several. I love eating cookies. But I'm not so hot on the making them part.