Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cookbook Wednesday: Only One Day Late!

I had a little bit of free time today.  I wonder how that happened?  No matter; I came to visit you.

I got this cookbook a few years back from one of my daughters for Christmas.  It's certainly a very pretty cookbook, loaded with gorgeous pictures.  It's so pretty it's almost intimidating.

"Shop, cook and eat like a local"

(Around here, that means Old Forge Style Pizza.  Just sayin'.)

 There are even lots of pretty pictures included with the table of contents.
 All about olive oil, and its myriad uses.  Good for a dolt like me.

 How to make your own Bouquet Garni.  Here and I thought that was just a spice bottle my mother had on her shelf to look fancy despite the fact that she could barely boil water.
 I think this was the only page without pictures.
 I've made this salad dressing.  But that isn't what's interesting about this page.
 Ryan bought me this bookmark from a school field trip when he was in about 7th grade.  Look at the sharks.
 Now look again when I turn it slightly!  The sharks are coming, and boy are they p**sed!
 I guess this is where pilaf comes from?
 Don't ever let anyone tell you ketchup isn't authentic French food.  Here's your proof.
 Something to do with pine nuts besides make pesto!
 And, of course, the obligatory cheese section.  Because life is not complete without cheese.  Just ask my (future) son in law, the "cheese snob" (his soon-to-be wife's words, not mine).
Happy Cookbook Wednesday on Thorsday, everyone!  With my eternal thanks to Louise for creating this event, and hopes that we will see you perhaps around the holidays, or whenever your hiatus ends!


Sue said...

I like cookbooks with pretty pictures. I have a couple neat cookbooks from our travels to Russia and to Trinidad. I've even used them a couple times.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous book, must get.

Pam said...

It looks like a pretty fancy cookbook! I do love it when my cookbooks have tons of pictures. I am a visual kind of girl I guess.

Two French Bulldogs said...

The pictures add to a good book
Lily & Edward

Mae Travels said...

I didn't know you were still doing Cookbook Wednesday! Very nice. I just got a new American Indian cookbook this Tuesday, should have posted it on Wednesday!

grace said...

i'm ashamed to admit it, but for the longest time, i thought the word was pronounced with a hard 'c'--provenckal. doh! i'm a rube, what can i say. :)