Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cookbook Wednesday: Summer Desserts!

Happy Cookbook Wednesday, everyone!  We had some beautiful weather here last weekend, and more is scheduled for this weekend.  Plus, Ryan's coming home from college in the next couple of days!  So, I'll ignore the fact that it's 53 and raining here today.

Two summers ago, Dan and Ryan spotted this at the supermarket, and bought it for me.  They told me that these were some dandy ideas, and ever so much less boring than my usual repertoire of cakes and stuff.  Some of their recipes are just the usual, some were rather interesting, use of Cool Whip (which has never crossed my threshold) notwithstanding.

 They have many categories, including Healthy Living.  With Cool Whip? Maybe.
 This looks good.  I've been meaning to try it.  Sugar-free jello would be my choice.
 I think everyone has seen some variation of this when kids are around.  It could even be a cute idea for a garden themed bridal shower (do they have themed bridal showers any more?).
 I made this, but with pineapple instead of mango.  It was pretty good.  Probably should get into the schedule soon.
 Who doesn't love the name "whoopie pie"?  It just sounds like fun to eat, if not to make.
 Aha! The healthy section!  Sugar free jello and fruits.  Of course!
 And I think my dearly beloved needs these.  He loves strawberries, and has gained a little weight since his surgery last year, which is causing no end of wailing about fat.  Hey, welcome to my world, darling, where we fight the fat year after year.
So that's it!  Fun summer desserts!  Because we can't let dessert get boring (or so I'm told).

This is Cookbook Wednesday, which I'm hosting while Louise is visiting with her daughter.

Other Participants:

Nellie's American Grub - a nifty kid's cookbook!

Poppy's Delicious Bread Recipes - from 1919!  Wowsers!

Debbie's Pie Cookbook - looks good!

Let me know if I can add you!  Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Nellie said...

Dessert never gets boring for me.:-) Yes, we do "fight the fat" year after year, don't we? I once depended so much on Cool Whip, but haven't bought any in at least two years! Whatever it is that it is made of isn't something I can pronounce.:-)

Thanks for adding me to the listing.

Poppy Crocker said...

I was always crazy for anything made with Jell-O pudding when I was a kid. I definitely would have made some dirt cups, especially if I could work some peanut butter into the pudding layer...

Thank you for linking me up!

Debbie said...

Hi Margie.
Here is my link:

I know, being on the west coast, I come in just under the wire. Thanks for doing this.
See you next week.

Lapdog Creations said...

Some of those look like some great refreshing treats for hot summer nights!

Pam said...

I think they all look fun and tasty and I am sure my kids would really LOVE them!

Mae Travels said...

SO good that you are keeping up with Cookbook Wednesday! A Jello cookbook sounds colorful.

I dropped out when I started my April travels, and I haven't focused on it yet, though I did make something from Paula Wolfert last weekend.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Yummy. Those are some fun recipes
Lily & Edward

Dexter said...

Cool whip and jell-o! Classic.

Mango Momma

grace said...

even though i've had many years of study in food chemistry, i'm still amazed by jello. and cool whip, for that matter. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Cool Whip, which had no cream, was popular around the same time as Bacos, which had no bacon.

Sue said...

I'm not a big Jello fan but there was a cake I used to make that used Jello and was surprisingly good. I need to look that one up again.