Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Menus and Pie!

I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of this type of day for the next 2 weeks or so.  The food delivery came in.  A trip to the bloodwork lab was required.  And the normal stuff happened around me.

You saw the list yesterday.  It wasn't cheap.  And it took a long time to put away.  Fortunately, I'd been preparing for 2 days, and had the refrigerators nicely cleaned out and organized.  All is well; remain calm.

Now, on to the important stuff: menus!  Here's the next 10 days, excluding Thanksgiving. You'll note that next Friday and Saturday are identical.  That's right; the visitors will all get the same food.  Then I don't have to be smart enough to make 2 sets of plans.

The numbers in parenthesis behind each day are how many people I expect to feed.  Tonight has changed; it's up to 7, as is tomorrow night.

And here's Thanksgiving's tentative menu.  I have the feeling I've forgotten some Thanksgiving foods.  Fortunately, 2 of my daughters will be here this weekend, and can help me think.  I'm betting Ryan will have suggestions, too.

Not mentioned are all the secondary foods for the week: waffle batter, quick breads, hot dogs and sandwich materials for snacking throughout the days....

Oh, Karin, I'd use your beef stock to make some nice French Onion Soup, or maybe use a little to make the dip for French Dip sandwiches.  I'm actually thinking of making French Dip on Sunday the 30th instead of stew.

Last night, I decided to get a head start, and make up a dozen pieces of pie crust dough.  They keep in the freezer for a long time, and if I am going to make a mess of the food processor, I might as well make it worthwhile. 

Then, my dearly beloved was very unhappy about having to go for bloodwork, so I promised him a "practice" lemon meringue pie.  No egg yolks, just egg beaters, so it contained no cholesterol  He was a happy man, indeed.

And I was able to make him wait long enough for his pie that it had time to set up, and hold its shape after I cut it!  Hooray!

That's all for this installment of Marjie's Holiday Circus.  If I have time next week, I'll post.  Otherwise, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  And remember, no matter how harried you feel, you won't have about 22 people milling about your house, so it won't be as difficult as it might be!


~~louise~~ said...

I just knew you were going to have a pile of pie crusts ready and willing, lol...You go Girl!!!

The menus are looking mighty good Marjie. I feel like I am part of the festivities when I spied that Apple Ugly Cake on Tuesday:) I'm so excited!!!

So it looks like you're working up to the increase of mouths to feed on Tuesday and then hold on...

The "guest" menu is just perfect especially tht orange almond salad, GREAT choice!

It doesn't look like you missed a beat Marjie. I'm so glad you are going to have help and input. Everyone is sure to enjoy each and every bite.

Thank you so much for sharing Marjie...Just in case I don't "see" you before the big day, You did GREAT, Everyone will get along, Your Daughter will be thrilled and everyone is sure to be stuffed; Happy Thanksgiving!!!

P.S. I'm taking it that the blood test thing went well:)

altadenahiker said...

Happy Thanksgiving, it all looks fabulous. And that pie, that pie...

SissySees said...

Impressive. I'm glad you'll have some assistance! That's a lot of food and prep and clean-up.

Wishing you and all of yours - and all the guests - a very happy Thanksgiving.

Sue said...

My money is on you pulling this off without a hitch. Good thinking on a redo for the two sets of inlaws.

grace said...

you're such a good planner! not too shabby on the lemon-meringue-pie-making, either. :)

Big Dude said...

Wow - you are going to be one busy girl and I hope you have some helpers. It all sounds delicious.

Sarah said...

Oh man, you are busy. Good thing you like to cook, eh?

Mickle in NZ said...

Goodness - if it were me making all this then Sunday the 30th would read "collapse". Mark will be happy having ham on two days in a row.

Please pass my very best wishes, love and care on to Shannon and her fiance. Their engagement is wonderful news.

And please, dear Marjie, in all your planning and food prep this week remember to include "pause to enjoy a cup of tea" several times! Sending love, care and huggles, Michelle xxx

(Megs is curled up, sound asleep and with her head upside down - so she is happy)

Mickle in NZ said...

And .....I nearly forgot

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

from Michelle and Meggles

Pam said...

You never cease to amaze me! Your menu for the week & for Thanksgiving look so delicious. Getting all your pie crusts done ahead of time is a great idea.

deana sidney said...

thought i'd wish you a happy holiday. Wow what a houseful you have. I just made my list for today and tomorrow and it is so simple by comparison. No guests this year and my first turkey breast. I can't wait to see how it works.