Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thorsday Book Review

A while back, I read and reviewed a book called The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey. It was a pretty good book, although it started off slowly. So I was intrigued when I discovered that I have another book in my library by the same author.

by Josephine Tey
copyright 1948; 200 pgs.

Robert Blair of the law firm Blair, Hayward and Bennet was sitting in his office late one afternoon, having had his tea, contemplating life. His firm hadn't had a Hayward since 1843, and the current Bennet, Nevil, was a young, somewhat impulsive man. Alone in the office, Ro
bert was preparing to leave early, when the phone rang. Marion Sharpe from a house called The Franchise on the outskirts of the town of Milford was looking for legal representation, since the police had just arrived, accusing her and her elderly mother of "Abduction and Detention". Robert suggested that she call a different lawyer in town, to which she responded that he wears ugly suits, and she wouldn't trust him.

Miss Sharpe and her mother were accused of kidnapping a seemingly innocent and harmless schoolgirl named Betty Kane, and holding her prisoner to work as a domestic
in their house. But Mr. Blair disbelieved her story, and so decided to take on the first Abduction and Detention case his firm had had since December 1798.

This was a good book; the author was able to make her reader care about the characters despite their flaws. The story twisted and turned, ultimately coming to a very satisfying ending.

And, for both the paper and electronic fans among you, this book is available in paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon. Try it, if you have some reading time in your schedule!


SissySees said...

Love that sweet face...

I think I need to look into that book. It sounds interesting!

Sue said...

I just learned that one of our dog blogging community has a book published and it's now available on Kindle. I downloaded it and it's next on my read list.

Mama Pajama Tells A Story: A Collection of Writings About Dogs and Their Servants [Kindle Edition]
By: Patience C. Renzulli

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Never heard of this author but will see what is at the charity shops around here.
That face is as gorgeous as ever. Have a great Easter, Diane

altadenahiker said...

In this photo, Thor doesn't look entirely convinced, but I like the synopsis. Sounds like good rainy-day reading.

Pam said...

It sounds like a good book to me!

Blond Duck said...

I think it'd be such fun to find books like that!

gMarie said...

Oh Sweet Boy!

The book sounds like it might be very good. g