Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Toy

Well, Saturday I ventured out in the rain. I took the Singer that's behaving poorly for fixing, and my White serger for a tuneup and oil change or whatever they do to those nasty machines to make them less cranky. Of course, the real purpose of my trip was to get a lifetime machine...and for this price, it had better last a lifetime!

I decided upon a Janome machine. Oh, I could have driven 50 miles to get a Bernina or Husquvarna Viking machine, or even into Philly for a Pfaff. But the service would then have been a living nightmare. A guarantee of not one, but TWO one hundred mile round trips every
time the machine needed service? That's just not something I would eagerly anticipate. And the Sewing Center, which is only 8 miles from my house, can no longer reliably get parts for any of those machines. So Janome it was.

Then I spent time playing with the various models they had, asking questions about how much metal was in it, and so forth. And then I made my selection: The Janome Professional 6500.

And here it is.

This sucker is huge. I had to have help getting it out of the store, because I can't pick it up. (Since the shopping center in which the store is located is very sadly quite vaca
nt, I just parked in the fire lane for the hour I was there.) Of course, when I got home, I dispatched Ryan to haul it out of the car, and he, being a curious "little" guy, opened it up for me and moved it to its home.

One nice thing is that the work space is extra wide. Another is that you can see the bobbin right through the little cover, so I'll know when I'm about to run out of bobbin thread, instead of being surprised all the time. (It also has a separate bobbin winding motor, which is pretty nifty.)
Of course, some dumb**s didn't buy more bobbins, so I have to remember to get them when I get my other machines back. I like all of the markings on the plate around the needle. It'll doubtless make it easier for turning at angles and things like that. Let's just say that the scales appeal to the mechanical engineer in me.

I'm not sure how I feel about the computerized screen telling me about all of my stitches and whatnot. But I did make a test monogram on the pocket of one of my dearly beloved's tees, and that was kind of fun. Leave it to him to whine about a dark purple monogram on a black tee. It's not girly, really!

I like that you can choose to have the machine always stop with the needle all the way up or all the way down. I really like its button which cuts the threads at the end of the line of stitching when pushed. But my favorite thing is the automatic needle threading. I won't have to worry about where my magnifying glass is all the time! Score one for aging eyeballs!

I was so excited about this machine that I decided to make a dress out of my pink crepe brocade for Easter. There was only one "minor" problem. I cut it out of a pattern designed for knits, which made it too small for something with no stretch.
I guess I'll have to offer it to one of my daughters, who are younger and skinnier than me, have them try it on to make sure it works, and then finish it. Blah! I hate when things don't work out.

Next up: finishing the flowered dress, and maybe another addition to the sewing table.


Big Dude said...

A person needs good tools to do good work and I'd guess you just wore the other out

Claire S. said...

Congratulations and you've used her already ! Have fun !

Faye Lewis said...

Ahhh girl, I so happy for you!!!

gMarie said...

So happy! I love my needle positions and the thread cutter! Marvelous inventions. g

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Marjie, as always I am in awe of your sewing ability. I have a close friend and she is like you, can whip up an outfit with seemingly no effort. Glad you have a new machine to play with. No worries, and love, Carol P.S. In regard to your comment about Stella showing Rory some table manners. I had to laugh cause would you believe we have found her twice up ON TOP of the dining table (chairs left out) while Rory (after three previous Danes who were counter surfers) has never touched a thing. He looks, but never takes. Hope your week is great. x

Sewfast said...

Congratulations Marjie on your new machine! The needle threading feature is great for us gals of ahem, advancing age. I don't know how I lived without it. Oh, yeah, I COULD SEE back when! :) Have fun learning your new machine!

Linda said...

You SO deserve this! I'm happy for you but I would trade MY new toy for it....yet.

SissySees said...

Neat! Thanks for the tour of the new machine. I think the clear bobbin viewer is my favorite feature. Yeah, I know... I'm about to blow the I can't even turn this thing on routine, but... Hem. ;)

Mickle in NZ said...

Now that is a nice looking sewing machine. Confession - I still haven't used my new machine from Xmas.

Congratulations and happy sewing!

(The pink brocade would look great on Cass with her dark hair)

Blond Duck said...

How fun!

Pam said...

Nice! Congrats - new toys are always fun.

I had a dream that I saw you walking down the street. We met up and had some coffee together - it was great!

Nichole said...

I don't sew, but man that looks like fun!

Sue said...

Oh boy, a new toy!! I had a machine once with the bobbin window and I thought it was a great feature. I wish they'd all adopt that idea. Have fun. We'll be expecting lots of finished projects now.

Mary said...

What an awesome machine. I am a HUGE believer in having the best possible tools to get the jobs done right the first time. Congrats on your lifetime machine!