Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Planning

Well, the head count is in, and it looks like I'm feeding 21 people, although it could rise to as many as 24 (somewhat unlikely, however). Good thing I have at least one set of china with a service for 24, isn't it?

Here's the food plan:


Nut breads
Shrimp platter, supplied by our friend Greg (it's traditional)
Possibly a veggie platter, depending upon my mood

2 Chernobyl Turkeys (each bird with 2 extra legs), 24 pounds each
Apple Walnut stuffing
Green beans with tomatoes and garlic
Mashed sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Pizza Tomatoes
Whole cranberry sauce
Jellied cranberry sauce
Bread (type undetermined, depending upon my mood)
Sausage stuffing, if Greg feels like bringing it.

Apple Pies (2)
Pumpkin Pies (2)
Lemon Meringue Pie
Coconut cream pie
Chocolate cream pie
Chocolate cake
Colorful cake
Who knows if I'll get to posting between now and then. Two of the girls are home, the third arrives tonight, the boys will arrive Tuesday and Wednesday, and the place is becoming a full-scale circus. It's my favorite holiday, but I'll probably collapse on Friday and refuse to stir my stumps until well after noon!

(All pictures from last year, obviously, but representative of what's to come!)


Big Dude said...

Damn, wish we were hanging out in Eastern Pa, we could slip in for an awesome dinner and you wouldn't know we were there.

rottrover said...

Have a wonderful holiday, Marjie!

KID, MD said...

Wow! It all looks wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and a chance to sit down with your feet up after all that kitchen time.

Linda said...

Looks SO do you communicate to the other end of the table??

SissySees said...

If this comes through twice, delete one. Blogger doesn't love me sometimes.

We'll think of you when we go for our first dawnish walk on Friday.

Mary said...

What a beautiful table and gorgeous family, Marjie!! Are all of your kids going to be home this year? I hope that your day is absolutely perfect. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pam said...

What a HUGE table! I sure wish we were neighbors so I could sneak over and eat dinner with you... I bet you wouldn't notice one more right?

Two French Bulldogs said...

holy us a seat
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day, the menu sounds so yummy, would love to join you..Serving up many turkey dinners and ham too, biscuits, gravy, mashed spuds, mashed sweet spuds, many green bean dishes, appetizers too at a place that feeds the hungry, pies galore, some I will bake I made, then we come home and get a new wind in our sales, out to a neat movie and munch on Chinese we will get after the movie..Yummo...

monica said...

Thanksgiving happy holiday to you! And all of your family !! The menu sounds awesome !!

We'll be having another American dish this weekend: pulled pork !

Mickle in NZ said...

Such a wonderful menu - I so wish I was over there to cook with (or for) you in your magnificent kitchen (two stoves!!! - now I understand heaps more as to how you manage to cook your wonderful Thanksgiving Feast each year).

Get those grown up sons onto peeling all the sweet and plain potatoes this year. I'm sure the girls will happily supervise them!!!

Sending special love to you and your Beloved - an incredible couple who so deserve special love and care ... and our downunder, late springtime huggles,

Michelle and Zebby Cat, xxxxxxxxxxx and extra loud puRRRRRRUmbles (guess who got the offcuts from the beef schnitzel piece I sliced up for my Tuesday dinner)

Sue said...

Reminds me of Thanksgiving when I lived closer to my family. Ours is a pretty quiet affair now.

Claire S. said...

O.M.G. ! Really, there are no other words LOL

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving !

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish I could join your feast!

~~louise~~ said...

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people once in my life. More power to you, Marjie, lol...

I hope your Thanksgiving is stuffed with goodness and love!!! I'll be over for the leftovers:)

altadenahiker said...

Bet you're in the thick of it right now...

Anette said...

Impressive as always!
I would have loved to take a closer look at those pies! Of course after all the trimmings before that!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

altadenahiker said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Marjie. (All your feasts look quite Dickensian.)

And I loved your tribute to the big guy.

Kitty M said...

Wowzer Marjie!! I am stressing about cooking for four on Christmas day haha and we because we only have two dining chairs at the moment, having chucked all our furniture before the move to France!

This looks amazing and like you all had a wonderful time. I love your group photo too :-)