Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Dog on Thursday

I guess I fell into a garden theme this week, so today I'll show you my upgrade from garden gnomes:

No bunnies will attack the harvest while Thor's on duty. No mention here of what might happen when he's off duty.

Mastiffs wave their front feet to greet people. Really. He's the third one we've had, and they all wave. That's why his foot is blurry; he's waving to you!

And, of course, Garden Dog has to rest with his littlest boy.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


Unknown said...

I love that first photo - Thor's sticking out his tongue daring the bunnies to come. Hi Thor (waving right back). g

Mickle in NZ said...

Hooray - it is dry enough for Thor and his youngest (and best? - I think so) brother to head out to guard the garden against bugs and garden pests.

Back when I was about 3 we would visit friends with a fruit orchard. They thought Ben the dog was catching the rabbits - turned out it was the cat!

Aged 2 or 3 I would lie down on the floor eye to eye beside Ben, and we would talk to each other through our eyes and affection. He was a Lab at least in dog types - brown eyed and golden furred, though probably bigger.

Seeing Mark hugging Thor gives me such happy memories of a small Mickle loving and cuddling a huge great dog. And I'm not a dog person. Only individual dogs win my heart.

So, yes, Thor has most incredibly done so.

Happy Summer Thor!

Snuggles and cuddles, Michelle

This cat loving Human sends so much love and care to your gorgeous Mastiff darling.

Hopes for my summer garden = what the word verification is getting at: comphst !!!

Lapdog Creations said...

You have the best looking garden dog ever! :) Hugs & kisses to Thor!

noble pig said...

I think he wants a carrot or some kale.

Sue said...

You wouldn't expect such big dogs to wave at you. I just noticed that your big boy is getting gray. So is Tsar. I hate seeing it.

Dawn said...

Thor is just the cutest garden protector! We're waving back at ya Thor with our paws! hugs

Ann Made Studio said...

What a polite garden greeter :)

SissySees said...

I too adore that first photo. And the second. And... Hi, Thor!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Thor.

Debbie Cook said...

Hey Marjie,
I don't have your email so I'm replying to your request here. A PDF version of the buttonholer instructions can be found here:


BTW - Great garden!


tavolini said...

Your garden is looking excellent!! I'm glad Thor's there to protect ;)

We just got our first tomatoes in :D

Thor and Jack said...

Hey Thor! Good job patrolling the garden. So nice you greeting people with your front feet.:)
Your pal.

Melanie said...

Thor is blowing raspberries like Andre the seal! (Have you seen that movie?? It kills me everytime)

claudie said...

My nephew has a beautiful rescue mastiff. He is a gentle giant for sure. I must ask him about his paw? How cute.
Happy DOT
Love Claudie

Unknown said...

Love your dog and your garden!

Pam said...

Could he get any cuter? He just makes my heart melt.

Poppy Cottage said...

What a beautiful dog and how sweet of him to watch over the veggies!


Mickle in NZ said...

Thank you, thank you Marjie - the brined chicken was delicious and sooo moist after roasting.

Thor - ol' Zebbycat got bored while I was cooking and went to bed. He's yet to discover the cooked chicken in his bowl. You'd never be so slow!

Care and huggles to all, Michelle.

buffalodick said...

Breeds certainly do have traits that are noticable beyond color and appearance!

grace said...

right, so i just realized that my kittens are each about the size of one of thor's paws. ridiculous. :)

Claire S. said...

Your garden's looking good - I've got about 10 tomato plants that didn't grow as of yet and one (yes, 1 !) flower - I may get a tomato !
Thor does love his humans, doesn't he ? :-)

Tatersmama said...

I can never get enough of looking at that gorgeous big guy!
When I start hounding my dearly beloved for another dog, he always says "you've been reading that woman's blog again, haven't you?"
*waving* backatcha, Thor!