Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dogs on Birthdays!

Yesterday was Kellie's 19th birthday. Of course, Thor was at the party. See him?
How about now?

Is this better?

You can tell he's a great singer.

And when a guy has to be the only party animal, it's exhausting!

Happy Thorsday, everyone!


Sue said...

I'd love to hear him sing. He must have a very deep voice.

TavoLini said...

LOL--he definitely looks like he had a good time. Happy Birthday Kellie!

Thor said...

Happy Birthday to Kellie!
I wish I could hear you sing, Thor.
Happy Thorsday!
Your pal,

Anonymous said...

hi, I have stumbled upon ur blog in my search for a lemon cream with fish, i also have discovered ur recipe for frozen strawberry slice, which i plan to give it a go , yummmeee.
My youngest boy turned 12 the same day as ur kellie, must have be a good day....Tracey

fiberdoodles said...

What a cute post!

Happy DOT,

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Thor - keeping an eye on his humans, and a look out for cake!

Belated Happy Birthday, Kellie. Looks like the family spoilt you well - very impressive pressie stack.

Huggles to all, Michelle and Zebbycat

Channon said...

The joy that always shows in your photos delights me, but that tongue at the end! Sigh.

Oh - and happy birthday to your girl, before I forget!

And guess who is coming to dinner next week, next Wednesday, to be exact? The Knight and Cherry Pie are truly like giggly school girls and will surely make me crazy before then. A man-child at the station is dating a delightful gal (actually, a firefighter at another station, she is) whose brother has a mastiff, and... need I say more?

Sissy got Gretchen for her first birthday. I won't bet against a house pony for G's upcoming birthday, especially if the car search has been completed and there is room for said pony...

Nichole said...

Thor sure is the life of the party!!!

gaylen said...

What a great party. I love that end photo with his tongue sticking out. He's looking much greyer since I first started reading him - makes me sad. g

Pam said...

Happy b-day to Kellie. I would love to hear Thor singing!