Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

With one of my daughters deciding to butt heads with me on a boneheaded car decision (overspending on a used car by double to triple what it should cost), I've not felt much like creative cooking. So, here's a quick view of some of my ordinary meals from last week:

First, honey wheat French bread with my concord grape jam:

Next, pretzels from Friday night's presidential debate party. Well, maybe my family does not a party make, but it made the kids' civics lesson more fun - and there was one with no salt for Thor!

This was good! Acorn squash from my new milkman/farmer, filled with brown sugar, chopped walnuts, and maple syrup, and topped with butter (watch out for the calories - they will hop right off this topping!). Served with sliced turkey breast and mini penne, there was precious little in the leftover department for poor Thor.

Creamed corn, anyone? My mother used to make it out of a can, but I just make a white sauce with a touch of cream and a lot of pepper, and even crummy frozen corn is good! Served with roast chicken and penne with diced tomatoes, and green beans, it sold very well.
Steak and heart attack potatoes! As my second daughter said, "This is heart attack goodness on a plate!" Obviously, the potatoes are named in her honor. Of course, we had to have broccoli with these; how could we possibly not have something green on our plates?


doggybloggy said...

I would not complain about 'ordinary' days at your house - thats for sure!

The Blonde Duck said...

Where's your wheat bread recipe at? I need it, I want it...I'm drooling.

You can come be ordinary at my house anytime.

Paula said...

Ordinary? Ordinary? The food in these photos looks pretty darn creative to me! I bet that squash with maple topping was a real taste bud pleaser -- would like the cooking instructions please. I haven't had creamed corn in ages. Corn is a favorite around here, so I'll keep this in mind. Your green veggies always look so vibrant, too. I keep thinking that I need to cook more turkey. The males in my family are steak and potato fiends, so I know that would be a sure fire hit. They would devour the bread and jam as well. Glad to know that your milkman/farmer is working out for you!

noble pig said...

OMG those pretzels are awesome.

Pam said...

Not creative? All of those meals sound amazing to me. The cream corn looks inviting and the concord jam is making my mouth drool. You are one talented woman Marjie!

Linda said...

You just "PLAIN" amaze me!

Prudy said...

I really wish I could be a fly on the wall at your house. Your dinners look so great and your lessons sound wonderful. If you were my neighbor I'd pop over at midnight when all of our kids were asleep so you could help me make that jeans skirt. I'm afraid that most of what I make has a homemade look. Great for Halloween costumes, not so great for me. If only I had your talent.
What a sweet story about your boy at the farm, too. How wonderful to know that he is so proud of you.
Are you planning to post some of these recipes??? That bread looks heavenly plus the potatoes and the corn. I'm making that squash for sure.

Kevin said...

That grape jam is looking good!